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Monday, March 9, 2015


This weekend was full of so many amazing things, but one thing stood out to me the most. Yesterday, my training plan told me I had to run 5 miles. If i'm being honest, that was about the LAST thing I wanted to do, but Caleb pretty much made me get up and go to the gym with him.

I'm SO glad I did because I freaking RAN those 5 miles, like nobody's business. Sure, it was tough...but I was in my own world with my new running playlist and I kept telling myself there is NO reason I couldn't run one more mile. I got a good laugh thinking of a pin I saw a few days prior...

My goal is usually to run 10 minute miles, and while I know its not the fastest ever, its also not the slowest. I constantly have to remind myself that its not a competition with anyone. There is no sense in getting caught up in that silly she can run faster AND farther than me mentality. Cause you know what? I finished, & that is what matters.

I now have 8 full weeks until my half, and while I'm still pretty nervous...I'm crazy excited. If I could push myself to run 5 miles (which, before yesterday, I hadn't done since last May), I know I can hit more milestones as these weeks pass by. Kinda figured one week in would be a good chance to take a look at how I'm doing on my goals;

Run 16 times -- so far, I've run 4 times since the 1st of March, so I'd say I'm on track!
Run 3 miles in 30 minutes -- Not yet, but getting CLOSE!
Lift more weights -- haven't touched them this week. Good reminder to get back on it.
Stretch a lot -- I've spent at least 15 minutes after each run, and its helping a TON!

In addition to those goals, I've made sure to drink a TON of water each day. I've found that I drink a lot more when I have a straw. How is everyone else doing on their March goals (fitness or non-fitness related)??!


  1. You go girl! I love how you set goals - they help so much!

  2. Good for you for getting it done!!! You're inspiring me, for sure!

  3. Woo! 10-min miles is a great pace!

  4. I also drink more water when I have a straw! & good for you on the goal getting!

  5. Nice job checking in! Way to kill those five miles!

  6. Awwwyeah 5 miles!!! :) Seriously no need to compare yourself to anyone else, YOU did it and YOU finished! :)

  7. I drink a lot more when I have a straw too! Add some lemon...mmm!

  8. Way to go, friend! KEEP IT UP! I know you'll be ready and totally rock your half!


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