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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

4 weeks fit challenge {my results!}

Here we are, finally! Linking up with Erin and Kristin today! 4 weeks after some of us set some goals -- its a time that's either really crummy to look back on because we didn't keep up with our goals, or really exciting cause we rocked the house on ALL of them! I'm here to tell you I'm a little bit in between, and you know what? I'm good with that.

I began the month insanely motivated, then a few things happened that slowed me down, but as of March 22nd, I've really kicked it into over drive. Something just "clicked" in me and I've worked really, really hard! I've run every day since, and for the most part, have eaten really clean! It feels amazing. So, lets go over my goals one by one.

Run 16 times
TOTAL WIN! I ran 16 times exactly. Some of those were as little as 2 miles, some were up to 7 miles... but I freaking did EVERY ONE OF THEM and it feels so good. You guys, I even woke up before work 4 days in the last week. Who am I turning into!? I'm pretty proud of myself. Sure, there were days I wanted to give up...but I pushed on. I finally started seeing some results this week, and that has me even MORE motivated than ever.

Lift weights
FAIL. Ha - yeah. We won't go into that one. I used to do this a lot but this month Caleb and I focused on running outside a lot with the new weather and it was awesome. So I'll be sure to focus more on that in April. I really want to be toned, and I truly think lifting helps my endurance during my long lets hope in April I can make a dent in this!

Run 3 miles in 30 minutes
HALF WIN! I ALMOST did this, by about a minute. So, I'm kinda giving it to myself - also because I ran 2 miles in 20 minutes a few times!

Stretch more
WIN! Woohoo! This was huge for me. I took a while after (and sometimes even before) each run to stretch my legs and calves, especially. My worst spots are always my shins, and the QL area above my rump... ha! Hey, we're being honest here. But this stretching has helped so much, I haven't had any pain. I'm praying for an injury free journey to my next half!

Some other exciting moments....
-Finding my nice Adidas dri-fit hoodie before an outdoor run
-Accomplishing the 7 miles straight was definitely my biggest milestone.
-Getting some adorable running pants for my half. I think that's going to be my thing - buying myself a crazy pair of running pants for every half or big race I run! It's true - you burn more calories in cute gear ;) sneak peek up above.
-Finally believing in myself. Knowing that I CAN do difficult things. My head gives up before my legs, so I've learned to push through.
-Finally learning how to properly use my watch and actually use it! Pumps me up!
-Finding more good music for my playlist.

I'm really not sure if I'm meant for distance running, I really would like to work on getting faster in shorter distances, but we'll see how I feel after this next half!  Sure, there were days I felt like doing NOTHING...and some days, I did just that. But the feeling I have after accomplishing a hard run, or even an easy one, just can't be beat. I finally feel like I've "found my groove" and hope that this link up has encouraged you guys like its encouraged me!!


Love, Fun & football

How was your month??


  1. Great job on your goals! 7 straight miles is awesome. Keep it up!

  2. I know I told you this yesterday, but you're totally slaying your runs lately! I have full confidence you're going to rock your half coming up! Keep it up, girl!

  3. You did great! It's so nice to get into that groove and just know you're on the right path!! Keep it UP!!! :)

  4. Great job with your fitness goals girl! You rocked it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Awesome job on your goals! You really killed it, and I'm so excited to hear about how your half marathon goes!

  6. 10 min miles are always my goal as well. Congrats girl you did fabulous this month!

  7. Great job killing it on your workouts! You really seem like you have a handle on what you're doing and your confidence really shows. I hope that carries you through to a great finish on race day!

  8. Wow, great work! I am so not a runner and am very impressed :)

  9. This is so great. I work out 60-90 min 6 days a week and some days it's hard to get motivated but man does it feel great when I'm done. You did it and I found s great blog to follow!!!!

  10. Fantastic job with your goals!! Every time I read about your half training I feel so motivated to give running another shot. I think it's safe to say you inspire me. Is that some snapchat screen shots I see up there? I'd love to add you on snapchat if you don't mind. :)


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