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Friday, February 6, 2015

Hey Friday, I love you.

Dear make my life so much more fun. Dear taco seasoning...thanks for making dinner so much tastier!

Dear yellow... you're the best color ever. Thanks for making my wardrobe prettier. Dear self timer... thanks for rocking my world. I'm not ashamed that I still get so excited when I prepare something for us! Bonus points when your husband loves it (side note; due to the popular opinion on Instagram, I'm not blonde again....just a few lights in the kitchen + a good filter...its dark, still!)

Dear newly engaged couple I met this week... you were such a blast to talk with for nearly two hours in the middle of a crowded Starbucks. It's so refreshing to have so much in common with two nearly-complete strangers!

Dear Wednesday morning... you were a hot mess. My car keys were still in Caleb's coat pocket from the prior evening, and he was at work (40 mins away). So I go to leave for work...and can't find my keys anywhere. He had to drive all the way home to bring me my keys... love that man. Even though its kind of also his fault ;) ...since I had time to kill I pulled my hair back (that's seriously the most I've done with it in months), and made a silly video explaining my morning.
see, hair is still on the dark side!
Dear laundry...can you finish yourself? There are piles everywhere. Thanks. Dear new bookshelf...  you really do complete the living room. You're the most beautiful corner in our home!! I'm glad we found you, and at 60% off, might I add.

Dear funnies... you made me laugh this week.

Dear Andy + Megan...we're so excited you're coming into town for the weekend! We can't wait to see you both.

Dear blog readers... thanks for your sweetness. Sometimes, I don't know why I keep up with this blog (its pretty time consuming)...but its a hobby I enjoy, & gaining all of you readers and good friends makes it more than worth it!  Hope you all have a great weekend planned!


  1. I'm thinking I need to get a polaroid so my life can be more fun, too! Haha, we used my parent's old one growing up and whenever I go home my mom seems to have found more ridiculous and not at all embarrassing polaroids that my friends and I would take as we dressed up.

  2. You are just too precious my friend. I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Hahaha- can you build a house?! Love that one! Also, I'll be right over for some of that taco casserole- nom!

  4. We have been taking a bunch of Polaroids too! So fun! Happy Friday!

  5. haha when i saw your insta I thought you went blonde too!! it's always satisfying when you make a meal your man loves!

  6. I have the day off tomorrow! *happy dance* I'm so excited!

  7. Yay Friday!! I love that you're always keeping it real with the cooking. You inspire me to actually try something more complicated than frozen pizza and Hamburger Helper. Have a great weekend!!

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