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Thursday, February 26, 2015

A few things of this week.

This week, I've decided to look for more happiness in the every day stuff. Not having had the greatest week last week, is kind of forcing me to turn myself around. So, I looked at what was around me...and it was hard to not smile. I'm surrounded by so much positivity, yet it's so easy to forget when you're in the midst of pain. I'm thankful that this week I'm beginning to feel like myself again. So here's a little glimpse into what I'm smiling at this week:

Finding old pictures on my phone that make me think of sunshine and baseball games with my favorite people... although I'm a football girl at heart, we've gotta pass the time until next season!!

When a co worker surprised me with the most delicious "cinnamon toast" bagel I've ever tried, just because.

Being surprised by one of my favorite bloggy friends with a sweet Starbucks card, just to bring a smile to my face because she knew I had a WEEK.
and "make my day", she did. Thanks, Becky!!
Getting lunch with a sweet co worker who is expecting a little girl!!!

This verse. I've kept up with my Bible reading since the first of the year when I began. It's made a significant change in my faith. I can't quite explain it, but if you're looking for more in life...I promise you, this is where you'll find it. The perfect verse always seems to come up in my daily reading and I don't think that's any coincidence. The app I'm using is "Youversion" and I've picked a "whole bible 1 year" plan, that I plan to finish by the end of 2015. I can't wait to see what 10 more months of reading does for my faith.

Caleb and I have made some significant changes lately, and we believe they are for the better. Speaking of that man...he makes me laugh like crazy. Guys, he's so awesome. Seriously. Everyone needs a Caleb in their life ;)

Enjoy your Thursday, friends! 


  1. I'm sorry you had a rough week last week, but it's truly amazing how when we put our faith in God and look for the joy that our eyes are opened to all our blessings. Glad you have such a sweet support system! XO

  2. THAT BAGEL. And so sweet that you got a Starbucks egift, those are my favorite to send! I couldn't be there for the birth of one of my best friend's baby so I sent a BIG egift card to her family so they could stay caffeinated during her LONG labor

  3. Bagels and Starbucks basically make everything better ;) And what are these significant changes you speak of?!!

  4. Whoa, that bagel has me drooling at my desk. You and Erin look gorgeous in that picture from the Reds game! I can't wait for lazy summer nights with baseball and hot dogs. Sign me up right now. I hope this week is a huge improvement from the last one, friend!

  5. Awe, I love this! I'm glad you're able to find some positivity in everything you're dealing with. Surprise Starbucks would be the best! I also am reading a Bible in a year plan and I'm loving what it's been doing for my faith. I'm totally with you on that! I'm excited to see what these changes are happening with you and Caleb. So glad you're happy with him and that he's a great support system!

  6. Sorry you're having a rough week :( Thinking of baseball season definitely helps...if only for the fact that someday it will once again be warm and sunny and we can sit outside and not freeze to death!

  7. Mmmmm starbucks....mmmmm. Hope these changes are a positive in your life!

  8. Love this! You bring positivity to my life every day. Thankful this little blogging thing made us friends!

  9. Rough weeks are for the birds...I'm glad that you have such good people in your life to bring some light to your darker days. <3

  10. I wish I could be buying you a starbucks drink in person but I thought the gift card would be second best!!! :) Love you friend!! We must must figure out a weekend someday soon to get together!!!

  11. You are the most amazing woman. I admire your positivity even when it sucks and is hard to find your way out of the murky water that is pain. Love you sweet friend. You are the best.

  12. I have a Caleb in my life. He happens to have no teeth, doesn't walk or talk yet, but he will call me Mommy and it's the best! I hope he finds a great gal like you one day that loves him as much as you love your Caleb :)

    I hope you are having a better week this week darling.



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