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Friday, November 21, 2014

It's Friday!! Happies from my week.

Ah, the weekend is nearly upon us again. Somehow this week went by pretty quickly...and I'm not complaining! Tonight, Caleb is in his cousin's wedding, and I'm showing up after work with my camera to snap some photos. We've got a good mix of free time and fun with friends over the weekend and I'm excited for it! A lot of awesome stuff happened this week. Nothing TOO significant, but a lot of stuff that made me smile, so I thought I'd share!

-When my husband gave me the longest hug after work for no other reason than he missed me.

-Having a massive snowstorm hit Ohio, which completely surprised everyone. Sunday night they called for a few inches and I think we all kind of thought we'll believe it when we see it...well, Monday morning came, and there it all was. It turned into a WINTER WONDERLAND! I wasn't hating it! Look at all that beauty!!

-When a coworker brought me chocolates I paid for weeks ago with his adorable daughter's personal 'thank you' written all over it. Melt my heart!
-Country style ribs in the crock pot. Almost better than that was simply walking into our apartment having it smell like BBQ heaven!
-When I won both my fantasy league match ups last week!
-One of my favorite co workers left me a delicious butterscotch banana cake-cookie for breakfast Wednesday morning. SO tasty!!

-This song and video from Taylor Swift. I'm sorry but girlfriend is awesome. She's obviously poking fun at the media's portrayal of her and her love life and I kind of love it!! Plus? Caleb even likes the song so we blasted it in the car a few times.

-When BHLDN shared my photo on their Facebook, I kind of died. I know a lot of you don't know who they are, but they make gorgeous bridal attire (gowns and jewelry) and having my photo shared on ANY website ever is kind of a pinch-me moment. I was pretty excited!

-This post from my girl, Becky. Seriously...her heart! Just love her, and can't wait until her next visit to Cincy!!

-Coming back to songs sung with Caleb, we had a full out party in the car last night belting Sia's "Chandelier"...guys, he's obsessed with this song. It cracks me up!

Hope you have the BEST weekend ahead of you!! :)


  1. I hope there is snow in ohio when i visit for Christmas!!!!!

  2. I'm still squealing over your BHLDN photo---that is CRAZZZZZY!!! Crazy awesome! A long hugs are the best :)

  3. That BHLDN this is amazing! so happy for you! and love all your happies :)

  4. You have had quite the amazing week! You're such a blessed gal, and of course you deserve every good bit of it. Happy Friday!

  5. How crazy awesome is that BHLDN shout out?! You guys are incredible and you deserve every bit of recognition. Hope you have a great weekend, girl!

  6. It has been a great week! I hope it continues through the weekend :)

  7. What a happy week. :) Drew and I's first outing was to Target and you can be sure I bought TSwift's new album. Love it!

  8. I love all your happies!! You're so sweet for the shout-out I CAN'T WAIT FOR CINCY!!! :) Have a wonderful weekend!! :) See ya snap chat :P

  9. The snow was so pretty Monday morning and I would have enjoyed it more if I didn't have to drive to work in it. And TSwift is the bomb!! I love that song!


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