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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Because I can be thankful on a Wednesday.

Today is my last day of work for the week and for THAT, I am so so thankful. I seriously am so happy to have a 4-day weekend I don't know what to do with all this excitement!! Tomorrow, Caleb and I will sleep in, (hopefully) hit the gym, and we'll be doing our big meal in the middle of the day at my Dad's. I'm especially excited for the sweet potato casserole, its so good I could eat on it for days! In honor of it being the week of Thanksgiving, I thought I'd show some gratitude for everything in my life today.

I'm thankful...
...when my husband says, "screw the gym, we're ordering pizza".

...for out-of-town friends who come over on a random night and hang out for hours.

...for a sister in law who is so much like me its almost scary.

...for free movie rentals from the library.

...for friends who inspire me to go after my dreams.

...when Caleb's boss lets him borrow an old school Italian cookbook. Hellooo stuffed shells!

...that he loves to dance as much as I do.

...when my brother surprises us at our door for a quick visit after dinner, and we sing worship songs for hours on end in the quiet of our living room.

...for movies that make me feel like a big kid (I'm talking to you, Tangled).

...for The Walking Dead. I know that sounds silly, but we're seriously in love with this show. It's a fun tradition on Sunday nights for us to unplug form the world, and enjoy a gruesome show together.

...for the little people in my life that bring my heart so much joy.

...that we're able to pay off our school debt aggressively. We've paid off a couple thousand bucks these past few months and its felt unreal. It sometimes doesn't 'feel' like anything, because the money isn't our account for long before we make another payment! But I'm loving it.

...for clean water. I easily forget that some parts of the world don't have access to it.

...for our comfy reclining couches.

...when I realized I can take awesome videos with my DSLR, and am so excited to start documenting our life in a new way.

...for my family, friends, job, clothes, home, food, and everything else in my life. God is so good! I hope everyone has a fun, SAFE Thanksgiving!


  1. Sometimes I wish I could be part of the sister-in-law group with you two!! Noel could fit in as a brother, right?! :)

    Yes for pizza over the gym. All day, ever day!

    I want to see some videos on this camera...that is awesome!! I need to start taking more videos.

    Love this list. It's so important to make these often, I think (I need to be better about making a thankful list more!)

    Love you.

  2. ^ Ashley-- you're an honorary part of the group. As long as that means we get to raid your fabulous closet whenever we want ;)

    So thankful for you!! xo

  3. Is a Thankful Wednesday post allowed?! It doesn't make the cool alliteration like Thankful Thursday... but I hope it's allowed because I did it today, too! I'm inviting myself over to sing hymns in your living room. Or inviting you over to sing hymns in my family's living room. Either way, let's sing hymns together. Love it. Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

  4. Such a wonderful list Kayla! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I saw your post last night on Instagram, that is SO sweet! Such special memories!! Hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :)

  6. As always, your list is wonderful. I'm super grateful for the Walking Dead, too. I'm kinda depressed that the mid-season finale is this Sunday. I don't want to wait that long for it to come back! ...and yes, I'm looking forward to the sweet potato goodness tomorrow, too! Have a great break, sweet friend!

  7. I'm glad you use the library for movie rentals like we do because people think I'm crazy when I go there for movies as well as books. They are free, why not?!?!

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your awesome family :)

  8. This is a wonderful and uplifting post! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  9. Ahh!!! Oh my goodness, absolutely love that kissy photo of Caleb!!! You two are way too much fun!! Love it!


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