Friday, October 3, 2014

Some fun on Friday.

I'm thrilled its Friday. As always. This week went both slow and fast at the same time. I had a few really fun moments but didn't take many pictures...but here are a few I was able to snag.

1) The most adorable Fall plates you ever did see. Kroger has them on sale and I REALLY want them!
2) WING NIGHT at Quaker Steak. The service was absolutely horrible. I ate like a bird all day to save my appetite...and we waited 40 minutes. The tables next to us was already getting their THIRD round of wings before we even got our first. The waitress didn't even act sorry. In the end? I stuffed myself silly and didn't let it bother me too much, but it was fun hanging out with my Dad for a bit.
3) I'm trying so hard to teach myself to french braid my hair. Guys, I suck, & these few short layers I have are really screwing everything up.
4) My first run of October just had to be documented. I'm so excited to kick October's butt. I have so many goals for myself...and I JUST KNOW I will be successful.

I was also able to have a few ladies over midweek. I think its so important to squeeze in as much time with our closest friends as possible. Whether everyones just sitting around stuffing their face with chips and salsa, or unloading about some really personal things, time with our friends is something to be cherished! A few of us were able to get together Wednesday and we had so much fun!

We have another free(ish) weekend before October begins to get psychotic, in a fun way.
Tonight our church is having a fun Fall kickoff night around a campfire, and the weather report says its gonna rain. Luckily we have a back up plan, but I'm praying it stays nice out!! Tomorrow Caleb and I are shooting a Women's Conference at a local church, so that should be fun! I'm assuming the rest of the day we're going to flop and do nothing while we can :) Sunday our sweet Bengals are back on and I can't wait to see Tom Brady cry!!

Any fun plans for you this weekend?


  1. Those plates are so cute!! It took me awhile to finally nail down French braiding my own hair (I can do everybody else's easy peesy). Have a good weekend!

  2. Ugh I wish I could french braid my hair and that it was long enough! My mom used to do all the time for me when I was little and it was so nice to have it out of my face but still looking cute. I still love those running capris :) Have a great weekend!!!

  3. OMG those plates are so cute, why don't we have a Krogers around here? wahhh!

    I can't french braid my hair (or anyone's hair for that matter) either. I told Brian I'm going to sign him up for a hair braiding class (is there such a thing?) so that he can do my hair... he wasn't exactly on board ;-)

  4. Hoping the rain stays away so you can get yo'self some s'mores!!!

  5. I want those plates. Desperately. I hope the rain holds out for you! Have a great weekend! :)

  6. I want to teach myself to braid too, but have had no success. Good luck lady!

  7. Your attempt at a french braid looks much better than mine would. Honestly, it looks great besides the short layers that are giving you grief. Figure out how to handle them and you'll be golden I think! High five on your first run of October! I just had mine this evening.

  8. I am obsessed with owls (in the fall lol) and those plates are adorable!! I can't french braid my own hair but I can french braid others, so frustrating!! You did great, it looks really good! :)

  9. girl that braid doesn't look bad at all! and you're dutch braiding too! keep on practicing and you'll have it down in no time :)


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