Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween - flashback style!

Happy Halloween!! I so wish I worked in an office that would allow us to get a little crazy on Halloween. I'd so wear a costume, but nope, they are boring! So I'm really looking forward to this entire weekends. Guys, its a FREE WEEKEND! These don't happen often but my 2014 weddings are coming to a close...we have 3 left in the year. So, I plan on really enjoying this costume filled weekend.

Tonight, we're hanging out with our best friends, having ourselves a random dance party, and probably watching a scary movie or two while binging on candy ;) then tomorrow evening we have caleb's cousins annual Halloween bash. It was a sad day last year when we couldn't go, so we're MORE than thrilled that we're able to attend this year...they seriously go ALL OUT. I'm talking, coffins around their house, fog machines, portable heaters, bon fire, insanely creative Halloween themed snacks, etc. It's awesome!We've got a few ideas for our costume and we'll be solidifying them tomorrow afternoon (yeah, we procrastinated).

Since its Halloween, just wanted to throw a few fun photos up from Halloween's past. It's crazy to see how much Caleb and I have changed! You're never too old to dress up for a fun Holiday, am I right!?!

2012: Batman and Robin. 

 See what I mean with the creative (and delicious) snacks?!

2011: Superman and Captain America (yeah, we had a superhero kick, what can we say?! & yes, those are mens briefs.... we won't talk about it)

2010: Pinball and flapper.
Erin and Jared had the best costumes that year!

Goodness, we've changed a lot! I love looking back and seeing how we've grown together. We've had so much fun over the years with his family at Halloween and this year is no exception. Bring it on.

oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Any creative costume's for you guys this year?!


  1. We're hitting the road to GA tonight so my creative costume will be...a roadtripper?! A housewife in a car?! Ha, the possibilities are endless ;) Happy Halloween!!

  2. These are so fun! Every year, boyfriend and I say that we're going to dress up, but we never do. Your superman + captain america ones were my favorite. Have fun on your free weekend!

  3. I love these costumes!!! I'm sure what you come up with for this year will still be great!!! No costume for me this year but I can't wait to see what all the little kids will be wearing! I'm sure I will see A TON of Anna's and Elsa's!

  4. So fun!! We just started a fashion/lifestyle blog that we think you'd reakky like! Check it out at :)

  5. haha- i'm just remembering Caleb's eye makeup under that mask and how crazy/scary it looked when we had it off!! Appy Alloween!

  6. I can't wait to see your costumes this year! I wish I had a huge festive party to attend, but Wheat and I area just dressing up and going out for the night...tomorrow. Haha...Happy Halloween!

  7. I love all these flashbacks! You really have put effort into your costumes each year :) Horray for a weekend off, aren't they so refreshing? We were off too and just 2 more weddings for 2014.

  8. All of those costumes are to die for adorable lol! The briefs had me laughing for a good bit ;)

  9. Your costumes are always too cute!!! I'm totally with you on wishing my work would allow us to dress up. I totally would have gone all out. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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