Thursday, October 23, 2014

crappy vs happy

Once upon a time my sister in love, Erin, did a post titled "crappy vs happy" (or maybe it was happy vs crappy, either way...), and I stumbled upon it the other day! It made me smile so much I decided to write one of my own.

Crappy: not having enough room in my purse for my camera...
Happy: looking down and seeing that nearly everything inside of it is yellow, including the purse itself.

Crappy: not being able to visit a museum for years.
Happy: getting into one for free because some of your favorite clients got married at one!

Crappy: how many calories a can of mountain dew has
Happy: when you decide not to care and go for it anyway

Crappy: feeling under appreciated at my office job from time to time.
Happy: but finally getting somewhat of the raise I was promised 9 months ago!

Crappy: keeping birthday secrets from my husband...
Happy: looking forward to telling him his surprises!

Crappy: not having much free time due to so many edits that need done so soon!
Happy: still loving every second, and finding beautiful gems like this that I can frame.

Crappy: having to work Fridays while your husband gets them off.
Happy: having an entire free night with him to kick off his b-day weekend celebrations!

Crappy: not making exercise a priority this week.
Happy: realizing its okay...and learning to forgive myself.

Crappy: that daylight savings time will be over soon, so it will be darker earlier!
Happy: that when its brighter in the mornings it'll be easier to wake up and get my workout done with before my day really starts.

Crappy: not getting to see your friends as often as you like.
Happy: but being able to have a random ladies night with some co workers (and cheesecake, duh!)

Anyway, happy friday friends. Caleb and I are shooting a wedding tomorrow, and Sunday is my misters birthday and I can't wait to celebrate all day long! Love that man. Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. I still smile every time I hear you (see you type?...) that y'all are shooting this or shooting's still so exciting to see you getting to do something you love! With someone you super love ;) Also...yay raises! Holler. Happy Fryday <<<because it's time to eat some fries, for sure.

  2. Woo for raises!!! That always makes for a good day :) Have a great weekend celebrating Caleb's birthday!!

  3. Crappy: That Cincinnati and Northern Virginia aren't 20 minutes away from each other.
    Happy: That I will be visiting you in the spring!!! It's going to happen :)

    I think I wrote a similar comment on Erin's post when she did this haha. Have a great time celebrating Caleb's birthday this weekend!!! :)

  4. Love the positive spin on everything! Happy Birthday to Caleb! Have a great weekend celebrating!

  5. This is a great post idea (kudos to Erin!). I love turning negatives into positives. Have a wonderful weekend and happy early birthday to your guy! :)

  6. Don't be too hard on yourself with working out. I fight that struggle on a daily basis but I figure as long as I'm busy, not being lazy, etc, its okay if the gym doesn't happen. One day I'll get it going again :)

  7. Mmm...Mt. Dew. My weakness. And yayyy for a deserve it big time!


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