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Friday, September 26, 2014

Just your usual Friday post.

Ohh Friday, here we are again. Finally. You have a funny way of taking your sweet, sweet time, and I don't appreciate it. Thankfully in just a few short hours, my weekend of NOTHING will begin. I can't wait!

Some quick highlights from my week:

Editing some gorgeous photos from last weekends wedding. Her flowers? I'm in love with.

-Spending an entire evening with our favorite little girl ever. We took her to dinner, grabbed a junior frosty, then went on the longest walk of all time...all hand in hand. Jumping, skipping, laughing. For those of you that don't know, this is sweet little Nora, Josh and Marie's adorable little gal. Not that Caleb and I are ready for kids AT ALL yet, but when we are, I hope we get one like her ;)

--I am already almost finished with edits from LAST WEEKEND! I'm on a roll. Trying to be as productive as I can with my time (and to minimize stress), I've been editing an hour each day while I'm at work so I have more free time with Caleb in the evenings.

-Seeing my Lyndsie! She came into town, made homemade guac, and we had ourselves a ladies night!

-Finding a couple dozen CD's from middle and high school and reminiscing on old times, and hilarious pictures.

-Not guilting myself over NOT being a beast at the gym this week. #thingshappen

-This shot from last weekend. I just love this wedding

Hope you all have a great weekend ahead of you!!! I know we do :)


  1. So my sister backed out of coming to Charleston and taking our anniversary pictures so anytime you wanna come on down... ;) But seriously, you are very very talented, my friend! And homemade guar and ladies night sounds aaaaaamazing.

  2. Things do happen, you'll get after the gym next week. #beastmode!

    Those pictures are beautiful, you have such talent.

  3. Seriously Nora is the cutest!!! When does her little brother/sister come?! Aww I bet it was so great seeing Lyndsie!! Enjoy your nothing to do weekend friend!!! :)

  4. I can practically SMELL those flowers through the picture!! So gorgeous! :)

  5. Your facial expressions crack me up! Enjoy your wonderful weekend of relaxing :)

  6. I love the name Nora... it was our girl name if C would have been a girl. Enjoy your weekend pretty lady!

  7. Nora is so cute! I wish I had a little pal to take out on dates!

  8. CDs and pictures from middle school... Can't beat it!!! :)

  9. OMG you guys and Nora are so cute and look so happy!! So sweet :-)

  10. Wow way to keep that backlog away :) You go girl! I'm super close to not having one, just gotta keep trucking!

  11. Homemade guac sounds good! Any time that any restaurant lists "guacamole" as part of a dish, I am basically sold :) Hope you had a great weekend!

  12. when we moved i found a bunch of old pictures and there were just HILARIOUS. and uber embarrassing, but that's what they are there for, right?! haha. and i still can't get over your dark hair.. i love it!


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