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Friday, September 12, 2014

A few things that got me through my sick week.

This stuff.
This has been a hard week, and I haven't even been that busy. With a severe cold that hit me like a ton of bricks on Monday morning...I've been fighting to get rid of it. Even took a sick day from work Tuesday, thought I was in the clear by night...but nope. I think I'm finally reaching the end of it, thankfully. My MIL offered to bring me some 'home remedies' on my sick day, and I have to say, they really helped!

This man.
Because he chooses to love me everyday. Because he surprises me with awesome $7 clearance blazers for the heck of it (its seriously cute). Because he asks me to take walks as the sun goes down. Because he snuggles me even when I smell. Because he's the best.

This sunset on one of our two said walks this week.

This crazy story.
So I'm pulling out of the Meijer parking lot, waiting for a few folks to cross the crosswalk to/from the store... when I see a lady SPRINTING out of Meijer, clutching her bag. Not even 2 seconds after, a (rather large) cop is chasing her, yelling STOP!!! She runs to the end of the parking lot, reaches the grass hill, and the cop couldn't keep up so he begins to catch his breath, and call for backup. Girlfriend thinks she's getting away (I assume she was shoplifting), so she casually begins walking like nothings going on as she crosses a small road near an INTERSTATE! She thinks she's gotten away, so she hides near a bank. I mean, really!?!?!! I suddenly see like 7 cop cars about to turn into Meijer, I flash my lights at them and throw my arms in the direction of the bank. The first cop nearly made a U-Turn in the middle of the road and I'd like to think I helped save the day. Bahha, in all honesty, I don't know who this chick is, or why she was in trouble, but I'd like to think I helped make the world a better place for a hot second ;)
That little pink blob is her.
This adorable newbie.
Caleb's cousin had scheduled a family session with us for the other day and although I was sick, I couldn't resist snapping some adorable photos of this cutie. I just made sure to keep my distance with my silly cold. There's nothing I wanted more than to snuggle him up!! He's 4 weeks, but since he was 3 weeks early. he's still pretty tiny...and was such a well behaved little guy!

Hope you've had a fantastic week, guys!! I'm hanging with a friend of mine tonight, then we're shooting another wedding tomorrow. This wedding was very last minute and seems like it'll be a breeze, we can't wait! Then of course, the Bengals play Sunday and I hope we pull out another Win!!!


  1. Omgosh! That baby!!! So precious!

    And that lady...sheesh! Good for you!

    Hope you feel 100% better for the weekend. I think there's something going around all over - JC & I have been fighting colds all week! Chick-fil-a definitely would have made it a lot better!

  2. I'm still not used to seeing your dark hair in pictures- lol!! And can we talk about Brooke Burke and how she's 43?!

  3. Your mother-in-law and hubby are so so sweet for taking care of you! Uhm, yea. That's a crazy story!! That's amazing you were there at the right time to help tell them where she went. Some people are just sprayed roach crazy. LOL! Have a good weekend and get to feeling better!

  4. Um...that story is nuts! I read your tweets yesterday and was lie what, what, whaaaat?! You totally did save the day, by the way ;) Baby toes! Baby toes! Cuuuuuuuuuuuute.

  5. My Meijer is not nearly as exciting as yours!

    And three out of the five of us have colds over here...not fun!

    Have a great weekend, Kayla!

  6. So, I found your blog through a blog through a blog (it's just been one of those days...), and I'm so sorry you've been sick! But thankfully you're feeling much more yourself today! You and your husband are just precious, and you've got great photography skills! I'm slowly learning my new DSLR... Also, I LOVE you as a brunette! ;)


  7. Hahaha that is a crazy story - I liked how she started walking....way to help save the day to :) I hope you're feeling better and will have a great wedding tomorrow! I agree with Erin - I'm still not used to your dark haired photos but I still LOVE it :)

  8. That story is insane! Lol. People are crazy! Hope you're feeling better! And how sweet is your man! I love night time walks with my hubby and our pup!

  9. Try to get a little rest this weekend too since you are at the tail end of getting better.

  10. Augh. I can't even handle the cuteness of that baby!!!

  11. Your photos of that cute little babe are amazing!! And girlfriend, you're officially a crime stopper, woohoo!!!!

  12. boo for being sick all week. hopefully you've kicked it – i heard it's supposed to be a fabulous fall weekend in cincinnati (jealous over here!), but your MIL and hubbs are the sweetest for taking care of you!

  13. HA! they should make you an honorary cop.


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