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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Things I think I can't do.

My weekend was awesome. Perfect mix of productive (hit the gym Friday, Saturday & Sunday! Woo woo!) and lazy (Disney movie nights with my man) you could say I loved it. Nothing really "recap worthy", sorry bout it ;)

Becky wrote a really awesome post post recently! It was essentially a list of things she didn't think she could do in her lifetime, yet hopes to prove herself wrong one day, by doing them. I couldn't get over what a cool idea that was, so I'm "borrowing" it from her :) so here goes!

Things I think I can't do, but hope to at least try...

Run a marathon.
I'm still on the fence about this one. I don't even know yet if I have a desire to run for 26.2 miles straight... 13 was crazy enough, and it was really hard to walk for the next week. But something about  pushing your body to its absolute limits, and accomplishing something at the same time, makes you so proud to have worked so, we'll see! ;)

Give up pop for a year!
I mean, this is straight crazy status. You have no idea how much I love my Mountain Dew. I truly have no issues giving up Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, etc, as I truly don't drink much pop as it is, but when I'm at a get together where its available, just sitting out, already chilled...its hard to say no! We RARELY buy it for our home, and opt for Powerade or water instead...but giving up that sweet nectar that is Mountain Dew, for 365 days...ahhh! We shall see about this one ;)

Plan for an entire month's worth of dinners.
I know this seems silly, as conquering my first one up there is in a totally different category of goals, but hey, I truly am not gifted in the aspect of cooking, prepping, and/or planning meals. I really want to get better at this in its entirety. I can't tell you how many vegetables, etc, that we've thrown away due to them spoiling from not being used...which in my mind is like watching dollar bills get thrown in the trash. So it would be fun to plan each weeks grocery trips/what we're going to eat, a whole month before hand!

Run 60 miles in a month.
Maybe for a lot of you, this is 'no big deal', but for me? OUCH. My thighs hurt just thinking about it! On a GOOD month, I can get 35-40 miles we'll see about this one!

What about you? What's that one something you've always wanted to do, but just don't know if you have it in you?? *spoiler alert; you DO have it in you! ;)


  1. oh i like these ideas! I will never run a marathon, just because I would be too hard on my ankle (and the metal in it!) but I like these! And totally think you can do it!

  2. Hmmm... I'm not a runner AT ALL so running ANY amount in a month would be a feat for me!

  3. I just laughed so hard when you referred to Mountain Dew as sweet nectar. My college roommates and I renamed it Nectar back in the day.

    I have my first half marathon next month, and I hope I have it in me!

  4. Good luck if you do try the marathon thing. That's a lot of miles!!

  5. Disney movie nights?! Jealous! I'm not sure I could give up Mountain Dew either! There is nothing like it HAHA. I'm sure you can do all of these!!!! You go girl!!

  6. Borrow away sweet friend!!! :) Let's run a marathon together?! That has to make it more entertaining!! It's funny I usually don't keep track of how many miles I run...but I think for my upcoming training plan I will just because I'm curious now haha. I know you can do all these things - just a matter of time :)

  7. I don't think I'll ever do a marathon. I think about the pain of the 1/2 and there's just no way haha! But if you do one, I will make you a beautiful sign and cheer you on!!!! ;)

  8. Oh good luck with these! I am going to try and prep a whole months worth of crockpot freezer meals before baby pops out but we will see how that actually goes...

  9. I think you could do it all friend. I wish we could find a run to do together. Maybe one a little less than your 13 miler you ran though. :)

  10. I really need to give up Coke for a year...I'm addicted to chick-fil-a's coke. And you can totally run a marathon....I know you can!!


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