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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The thrill seekers ultimate bucket list.

I don't know about you guys, but I seriously love the thrill of a new adventure. I love doing something that terrifies me, because I know I'm about to have an amazing time and make an "I can't believe I did that" kind of memory.

I've got lots of "crazy" things I want to do with this life of I thought I'd make myself a bucket list of them all.
Yep, that's me!
Skydive. Check!

Swim with dolphins. Check!

Bungee jump.

Swim with sharks (with, or without the cage. I'm not picky!)

Go on a hot air balloon ride. Preferably with my hot date, but I don't know if he'd enjoy the heights!

Cliff diving.

Learn to surf, or at least try.

Edgewalk the CN Tower in Toronto.

Hang gliding. I can't imagine what it feels like to "fly" with the wind under you.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. It's a dream of ours to make it to Australia, but this is one think I'd be doing solo...but still, looks so worth it.

Zipline over a huge mountain, like this one.

White water rafting.

Ride at a race track at high speeds with my love!

Great Barrier Reef Dive. (in Australia)

Hang out in zero gravity. I don't know that I think its worth the nearly $5,000/person to do it, but hey, if I had the chance, I'd do this in a heartbeat!

What about you guys? What's the ONE crazy thing you want to do in your life? It doesn't even have to be something that adrenaline could be starting your own business (another goal of mine), writing a book, or maybe even pursuing your biggest passion. HAPPY HUMP DAY!


  1. I am dying to do some of those!! Especially the white water rafting and hot air balloon!! I just had a friend get engaged in a hot air balloon, talk about freakin perfect!!!! I hope you get to cross all of these off your bucket list one day! :)

  2. Haha. To most of these I say NOPE. Maybe starting at the zipline and going down the list. I can handle those.

  3. I love your bucket list!

    If you go to PV, you can zipline through the Sierra Madre Mountains, which we did this summer and I'm posting it on Friday :) (day 2 is today, day 3 Thursday).

    If you stay in the states, go to Colorado to White Water raft. I've done it 3 times, its amazing!

    I've also done the racecar laps, its such a thrill and its a must!! :)

  4. You know I'm a pretty big wimp BUT I will say one of the coolest things I've ever done in my life was white water rafting. I would do that again in a heartbeat!!!

  5. A lot of these I was going, eek I dunno! I'm not a big fan of heights but one time when I was 12 I decided to go down a 90 ft water slide! I don't know what got into me but at least I can say "I can't believe I did that!" :)

  6. We've done the Great Barrier Reef and I couldn't suggest anything more if you get the chance! The colors of those fish are in my memory forever!

  7. I would definitely want to swim with dolphins. I have a coworker who really REALLY wants to and I have a feeling that if our wish ever comes true to take a vacation together we will be swimming with dolphins.

  8. I've done the Sydney Harbor bridge climb and dove in the Great Barrier Reef - both were absolutely incredible! I'd move them right to the top of your bucket list!!

  9. this is so freaking awesome!! I love this list!! also your blog looks so good (sorry i've been gone if this isn't new news!)

  10. Ha ha I love that picture
    I agree with most of these but you are nuts for the edgewalking thing! No thank you!

  11. these things are terrifying to me!!!

  12. This list is terrifying and awesome. I would never do half the things on here (and I cannot believe you went skydiving), but I should make a list of my version of "thrilling" goals. I have been diving with sharks and sting rays and I was absolutely terrified. Haha...

  13. I would LOVE to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain, not necessarily "thrilling," but definitely something to accomplish.
    Also, Oregon has lots of great white water rafting spots!

  14. Come visit me and we'll knock out 2 of those - surfing & swimming with the sharks. Sunday, we were playing in the water, and there was a 4' sand shark swimming around. Not going to lie - I stayed in the water, but I really didn't want to!

  15. You are CRAZY, girlfriend! I had no idea you'd been skydiving. Yikes. You won't catch me anywhere near most of this stuff (so boring, I know) but I have swam with sharks...whale sharks ;)

  16. You are so much braver than me girl :)

  17. Just reading this list gave me anxiety!!! Hahaha I would literally never to almost all of these (um terrified of heights!) but the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb is DEFINITELY a must do. I'm terrified of heights and I was completely fine. The bridge isn't that steep and you are completely strapped to the couldn't fall if you tried! I know you could convince the man cake to do it! :) Otherwise I've gone white water rafting (fun, but omg so scary)! No diving for me though...I'm too much of a scaredy cat :)


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