Friday, July 18, 2014

Last days in Hilton Head!

Happy "finally, its the end of the week" day ;) I'm here to finish my 2nd, and final vacation recap post.

Thursday, we took a late lunch due to some schedule differences that morning. We went to the AMAZING Salty Dog Cafe. Our best friends got us a gift card to use there for our 1st anniversary, so we were pretty excited. We scored 2 shirts and I got myself a peach colored hat. I'm obsessed.
I actually really think Caleb should've bought that hat! ;)

Wishing I had purchased every one of these now.

Then it was time to walk over and grab a late lunch..finally!

Once we got home, I went for a quick run! It had been WEEKS since I'd hit the pavement, and it was awesome. It wasn't that fantastic of a run, but it sure felt fantastic to run under the beautiful "spanish moss" on those trees! ALSO, can we talk about my dream home?! Yeah...I'm still drooling. I had to stop and snap a shot on my run.

That night, Caleb told me his hear had really been bothering him. Poor thing, he seems to get some kind of horrible thing each vacation (last vacay he got horrible food poisoning that put him out for two days) and this time? Ear infection. Luckily we got him to see a doctor immediately and she got him a prescription written within minutes. He's finally beginning to feel better!

Once we got home we had yummy homemade creamy seafood lasagna. Do yourself a favor and make it right now! Friday was spent literally all day at the outlet malls buying pretty things for great prices, stuffing our faces with Chickfila (duh), and a late night trip to Kroger with my favorite Grandma.

Saturday morning it was time to leave, and we booked our hotel on the way home right in the heart of Gatlinburg, so we got to do some exploring!

To be honest, I love Ben & Jerry's - even though its overpriced, so we splurged at the store. Everyone else got milkshakes (and didn't exactly love them). Me? I stuck w/ regular vanilla with cotton candy crumbles, and yep...I could eat that every day and be happy as a peach.

We truly had such a great trip. It was awesome not having to set an alarm, to eat whatever I want, and to totally unplug for 7 days. I didn't even take as many pictures as normal...I guess unplugging can be good for the soul. Who knew?! ;)

Thanks for reading, friends. Have a fun weekend!!


  1. Ah those watches were so cute! I love the anchors! I'm so glad you had a great vacation! And if you buy that house, I promise I'll come visit alll the time :P

  2. Oh Ben and Jerry, you smart smart men. I will always stop for some B&J!

  3. I'm now on a mission to find that house when Andre' and I are in HHI next weeeeeek!!!

  4. Did you just LOVE GiGi's?? We had those at our wedding, and they are definitely a splurge when we happen to go back in the area. Hope the hubby's feeling better :)

  5. I'm sorry.... all I read was "cotton candy crumbles" OMG!!!!!

  6. Looks like you had such a great time! And your pictures are AH-mazing! Makes me want to grab my DSLR and start practicing :-) But most importantly - that dream house. Definitely drool worthy! Give me a cocktail and a porch swing on that front deck and I think I'd be home-heaven!

  7. Yay! You got to go to Gatlinburg! That house is gorgeous, and I'm glad Caleb bounced back quickly!

  8. You guys are just too precious. I am glad Caleb is on the mend. For some reason, vacation runs are seriously my favorite. You look so fabulous friend. Happy for you.

  9. What a great vacay! I love love love Hilton head and Salty Dog even though I haven't been in years. I will be posting about our Mexico trip this week :)

  10. Those watches are too cute. I had no idea that cotton candy crumbles existed and now I will embark on a quest to find them. Also, how do you make pictures of the doctor's office something worth looking at?!

  11. Those watches--I die!!!

    I've never been to Hilton Head but it's definitely on our list. We usually go to Myrtle Beach every year.

    I love Gatlinburg-tell me you ate at the Pancake Pantry...oh goodness!! So good-there is one in Nashville (we're going there soon) and we are already talking about it. hahaha

  12. Your pictures all tell a story! So cute! And I can't tell you the last time I had Ben and Jerry's but cotton candy crumbles sound incredible!


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