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Friday, June 13, 2014

Watch out Nashville!

So, its always inevitable...we just kinda grow up. You find your few close friends over the years, and you all just start following the different paths of life. For some of us, its college, marriage, a major job transfer, for others its simply based on the urgency for change.

I made a decision my Freshman year of college to only surround myself with people that challenge me to be better. People who look at life with optimism and joy...and people who will lend an ear when I need to talk. I'm thankful that I found them.
Blurry shots I found from 2008.
Today is the day my Lyndsie moves off to Nashville; her dream city! Since we were twelve, we haven't lived more than 5 minutes from each other. Not that we hang out weekly as it is, because both of our lives are far too busy for that, but it'll be SO weird not being able to swing by her house and drop off our favorite ice cream, or call her on a random week night to watch our favorite movie together. I know I'm going to miss her like crazy, I mean, we've been best friends for about 10 years now...but I just know she's going to do some some awesome things with this new adventure of hers. So I can't help but be psyched for her through this exciting, terrifying, and awesome next chapter in her life!

It really got me thinking about all the different paths we take. None of which are the "wrong" ones to take, but no two paths are the same, either. Thankfully, I know that no matter WHERE life takes my friends and I (emotionally, or geographically), we will always have each other. Fun packages will be sent, Skyping will ensue, and hopefully spontaneous road trips will be in the books.

So Lynds, I love and miss you already!!!


  1. Ahh tell her I said "WELCOME!" :) I am a native Nashvillian and love this city more than anything! Her move means you'll have to visit!! I'd be more than happy to recommend things to get her acclimated to the city! First, an umbrella in her car always. You never know when the bottom will fall out of the sky. :)

  2. Good luck Lyndsie!!! Nashville sounds like an amazing city and I bet she is going to have a blast on this new adventure! I already can't wait to read about your first road trip down there! :)

  3. She is going to be right down the road from me! She'll LOVE Nashville!! There are so many things to do and ALWAYS something going on. Good luck to your friend!! :)

  4. YAY, Lyndsie! I know she'll have a blast there and now you just have a free place to say when you roadtrip down there :) (ahem- im coming too, thanks!)

  5. Start planning your road trip, Nashville is awesome. Is she going there to try her hand in the music business?

  6. Best of luck to her! It's hard being away from your BFF...I get sad just thinking about moving away from mine! You have such a great attitude (what else is new?) though. I know my best friend is going to be sad when I move but she definitely knows I'm following my heart!

  7. Perfect excuse for a road trip! :)


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