Friday, May 2, 2014

I run because...

Training for this half marathon definitely did NOT go as planned. I signed up last September, got to it right away, then two months ago just kind of got lazy about it. Then vacation happened, we had a death in the family, and life just kept happening. But you know what? That's alright...I'm excited as ever about my first half, even if I have to walk a little of it. Last night, Caleb and I took a spontaneous date downtown and he kept saying "we'll be running on that street on Sunday!!" and something just got me really excited. I'm just happy that I have the privilege of running. So, why do I choose to run?

...because I can

...because I love the feeling of accomplishment when I'm done

...because I like a challenge

...because I like to prove myself wrong. Never did I ever imagine I'd sign myself up for a half marathon, but I did...and I'm all sorts of excited/terrified/pumped about it!

...because the results make me happy

...because having a good playlist makes me feel like I can take on the world

...because I feel happier and much more energetic throughout the week

...because I've always wanted to be able to say "I'm a runner"

...because its something Caleb and I can do together, he challenges me.

...because running shoes are cute, the more colorful the shoe, the better I run...right??

...because the running community is just plain awesome!

...because it challenges me to get outside and hit real pavement

...because it's a blessing to run, I have legs, and I wanna use 'em!

...& because I like it. Simple as that.


  1. I love all these reasons! I've always wanted to categorize myself as a runner too (it sounds pretty bad ass!) So glad you guys had a spontaneous date night! Those are the best. =) Good luck this weekend!!

  2. Being able to call yourself a runner is an awesome feeling!

    Good luck this weekend!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. I love this! good luck this weekend! you will ROCK IT!

  4. Good luck this weekend! You're going to rock it! :)

  5. Love this!!! Best of luck this weekend! Have so much fun!!!

  6. Good luck this weekend!! You'll do great - can't wait to hear how it goes, friend!! xo

  7. Woot woot! Good luck this weekend! And you know what else? Runners Tell All topic is share a running picture! So... in a few weeks you should join in and show an awesome pic from your race. You're going to do great!

  8. But seriously, a good playlist makes all the difference in the world!

  9. I'm so excited for you guys!!!! I can't wait to hear about it!!! :) Good luck friend!!

  10. Awesome reasons to be a runner! It makes me sad that so many people do it and hate it but feel like they have to. Exercise should be fun!


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