Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Do you know what makes me really mad? Rude people! Why do people who don't even know me have to get mad at me in the business world, and in the real world?! Just because YOU are having a bad day doesn't mean you have to take it out on everyone around you. Then I just get sad, because now I know they must have a very negative outlook on life...and well, that must suck for them.

SO I've come up with a list of ways to get happy...and stay happy!

-The obvious, eat healthier food. Of course, you have to treat yo'self to a donut every now and again...but for the most part, when you cut out most of the crap, you stop feeling like crap :)

-Exercise. When I force myself to peel out of bed before work and get in a long, tough workout...I have so much energy throughout the day...and knowing I'm taking care of myself is a great feeling.

-Buy something yellow. Duh! I shouldn't need to explain this one.

-Treat yourself. I know when I OCCASIONALLY splurge on getting my hair done, or eating that snickers at work, or buying a new pair of pants that fit me just right...I feel better about myself, which in turn makes me more confident.

-Make time for what you love. Whether that's reading, playing video games, or clipping coupons...do what you love, because "me time" is important. I really believe its good for the soul.

Drink lots of water. You'll stay hydrated....hydrated people just have more reasons to smile... and you can shed pounds. Sometimes when you THINK you're just hungry in between meals, you just need a tall glass of H20.

-Focus on the good. We've all got crap in our life that we don't want to deal with...but when you make a conscious effort to love your life, and focus on the little things, you'll find yourself happier. Choose to focus on your co-workers victories instead of your own for a day, pay attention to the cute magnets on the fridge at home, and compliment others throughout your day. You'll feel more smiles on your face than you can imagine.

-Do something nice for someone, just because ya feel like it. Random acts of kindness are one of my favorite things to witness.

Have lots of Friday's. If only there were a way we could control this!

What do you to stay happy?


  1. "Focus on the good" is such an important item. It's so easy to dwell on the negative so, for me at least, it's important to actively focus on the silver lining :-)

  2. Bu... but.... but... mt dew makes me happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  3. I KNOW if I don't eat like crap I won't feel like crap but I don't WANNA! ;)

    But seriously, these are great. I especially agree with the "me" time. It's SO important!

  4. My days are so much better when I wake up and go to the gym. I have been slacking a little lately and I can definitely tell - in my body and in my mood/mentality! It's time to get serious again!

  5. Love this and needed this today! Thanks!!

  6. I listen to happy music! ...and no, I don't mean "Happy" by Pharrell. I think we're all tired of that one by now...

  7. Great ideas! Sometimes we all need reminders to help us get the right attitude!

  8. such great tips! you make ME happy!

  9. Great list!! I wish it was Friday everyday, ha! Still working on the exercising before work...I'll get there one day lol

  10. Love all of these!! Exercise is huge for me... it is always tough for me to get up and moving, but once I do I feel so much better!

    And, of course, buying something yellow would do the trick too :) :)

  11. I'm overly over rude people - and people who are disrespectful, etc. Ugh!

    I can't wait to exercise again, needless to say with my schedule it hasn't happened in awhile :/

  12. Rude and mean people just suck...and I can't even imagine anyone being that way to you!! BOO! Thanks for sharing your happy tips...always bright and sincere, little lady!! xoxo

  13. I definitely notice a correlation between what I eat and how I feel. Which is kind of a bummer sometimes because Doritos sure are delicious! :) And I wish we had more control over Fridays!


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