Thursday, May 8, 2014

Chair massages at work?

Aside from the fact that the pain in my legs is still very real, this week has been amazing.

-My bestie came over for a spontaneous ice cream date on Tuesday. We had lots of girl talk, and it was a blast. I am gonna miss this gal when she moves to Nashville next month!

-I got a free chair massage at work yesterday, AMAZING. Oh and then was informed there were a few extra spots open today and yeah, I took one. 1:15 can't come fast enough ;) it couldn't have come at a better time, with my sore muscles!

I don't think I've mentioned it on the blog in a long time, but my Dad is getting married this weekend. My brother is the best man, and Caleb is a groomsmen, and I'm a Bridesmaid! It should be a really fun time!!

-We also went grocery shopping last night, paid cash, and even had a few bucks leftover. That makes this girl happy!!

-Caleb and I had a Walking Dead" marathon on Monday. Holy awesome. Best show ever is an understatement. I've missed it!

-I woke up extra early to do a couple sessions of (youtube) yoga! It was quite an experience. To say I'm just a beginner would be an understatement! I'm proud for forcing myself to wake up well before my alarm usually does, just to stick to my #4weeksfit goals!

-The NFL Draft is tonight and you might be surprised to know I LOVE sports, especially football season. We're going to my grandparents tonight to enjoy lots of snacks, and good company.

What have been the highlights of YOUR week?


  1. Ooooo I absolutely love The Walking Dead!! And you :)

  2. Yoga is great - so are work chair massages! Yay for great things!

  3. I am a beginner at Yoga too!!! How far away are you from Ault Park??? They have Yoga there on Monday nights at 6pm that a ton of people attend. It's outside and wonderful! (And they have someone come play guitar too during it!) I'm going next Monday!! If you're ever interested in going, let me know so I can find you!!

  4. Oooo, I could use a nice massage! How cool! I do yoga on youtube too!! It's a 30 day challenge with this really sweet instructor. Love it. Have a great time at the wedding this weekend!! =)

  5. I want a chair massage! Sounds wonderful! And YEH for morning yoga! It is a great way to stretch out and calm yourself :)
    That is so sweet that you are all a part of the wedding!
    And last, but certainly not least...THE DRAFT is here! Can't wait! Even though we are cheering for different teams, it still if fun to see who goes where :)

  6. Every office chair should have a massage function - what an idea. Also, The Walking Dead is my favorite thing. I even carved my pumpkin at Halloween to look like Rick. Time for an intervention.

  7. We have chair massages here every month at a $1 per minute so still pretty reasonable! I need to do some youtube yoga sessions too - I keep getting off the band wagon and my body would prefer if I didn't :P

  8. Walking Dead, i cant even begin to describe my love for it. I'd never watched it until we got netflix then i had to find the current season online, every monday night.

  9. I'm so glad I let you convince me to watch Walking Dead ;) Cannot wait until we can DISCUSS!!! haha

  10. Yoga is SO great and will do wonders for your running! If you want the best video EVER look up Gwen Lawrence Yoga for Runners. Gwen is a yoga teacher to pro athletes (NY Giants and Yankees I think) and her vids are phenomenal!

  11. What does your bridesmaids' dress look like?!?!? I can't wait to see pictures. And yayyy for a massage at work. That's seriously awesome. So excited about you doing yoga!!!


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