Friday, May 30, 2014

#4weeksfit results.

Happpyy Friday! So at the beginning of May, a ton of us vowed to try a "4 weeks fit" challenge. We made goals, knew we needed to work hard, and (hopefully!) tried our best to make them happen. I'm here to report that unfortunately no, not EVERY goal of mine was accomplished, but with my busy schedule, I sure did try. Lets go ahead and get the "bad news" over with first; what exactly didn't I accomplish?

Run 50 miles this month.
Sadly, this didn't happen. No excuses, I just didn't make the proper time for this like I should've. BUT, you know what I did do? Ran around 35... which is still a huge accomplishment in my book, so no...I don't count this goal as a failure.


BUT, what DID I accomplish!?

Finish a half marathon.
Heck yes I did!! I traveled all 13.1 miles by foot. No, I didn't run the whole thing, and I sure as heck wasn't fast...but I finished, and that was my only goal for that race. My best friends and I finished HAND IN HAND, how many people can say that?! I'm so blessed to have that vivid, amazing, emotional memory.

Wake up before work 2x/week to exercise.
YES! I am happy to say I accomplished this. Although one or two times it wasn't a SUPER SWEATY workout, it was yoga or deep stretching! But OUCH, that stuff is not easy. I'm excited about getting back into the groove of waking up before the sun to get my day started off right. I have way more energy when I make time for it.

Love, Fun & Football

I've not done my absolute best this month...but I sure as heck tried. Here's to improvement, progress, and learning to love my flaws anyway. Bring it on, June (aka busiest month of my life...but no excuses!). How was your month!?


  1. 35 miles is awesome!! I was sitting here trying to add up my miles in my head... and well, you're awesome.

  2. How was your half 2 weeks ago already?! I still love your running capris you wore :) I'm going to try and get up 2 times a week before work as well!! It's tough but it feels so great knowing I have my evenings free!

  3. You did good girl!!! I doubt ANY of us reached ALL our goals, but you made progress and that rocks! I'm definitely ready to rock June too. Even though yours will be busy, you will be amazingggg :)

  4. 35 miles sounds pretty darn close to 50 to me! Great job keeping up with regular workouts!

  5. Great job! Congrats on the half! Totally a win in my books! :)

  6. Great job!! 35 miles in a month is FAB in my book :) Keep up the great work!

  7. Girl I think you rocked it! Even if you didn't get in every last mile, you challenged and pushed yourself and look, you're still here! ;)
    Also...I think I bought those same running pants. After you posted your half recap I was inspired to get some fun/colorful pants for running and yoga instead of my boring black. I thought the ones I got were similar but now that I see them again I'm pretty sure they're the exact same ones...whoops. TJ Maxx?!

  8. sounds like you did pretty awesome to me!!


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