Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happies, its a thing.

Last week, Caleb had the worst cold ever. I'm talking a sneezing, coughing, mouth-breathing, snotty, yucky type cold. I took care of him the best I could, and by Saturday it went away. Guess who started to feel like absolute CRAP the minute he began feeling better? You guessed it. When you get married you share more than a last name...you share germs too!

I'm finally feeling a little better, but hoping its gone by this weekend! So instead of focusing on my yucky head cold, I'm choosing to look at my "happies" as of late. Yes, its a word.

When your sister in law snapchat's you a picture of her in the cutest dress, and you realize...um, I tried that on the DAY BEFORE and almost bought it, too. Talk about soulmates.
Don't you like my socks?? They go so well with the dress, I know.
Doing 3 photography consultations last week. Whenever I don't have the best of days, I remind myself that I get to make someone's wedding day more enjoyable, by delivering them awesome wedding day shots. Know what makes it all worth it? When the bride texts me with "HOLY CRAP  KAYLA! THESE ARE AMAZING!!"... and I can breathe a sigh of relief, and happiness...that makes all the late nights of editing, hours of chugging coffee, and sore feet worth it.

Spending the entire Sunday being sick, but it being totally worth it because its the first nice Spring day out in forever...and you're surrounded by little ones...and getting to watch your husband be extremely attractive while "coaching" basketball.

Finally creating a (tiny) about me page. My new blog gal Kelli, made me aware I needed one of these ASAP so we could tell how freakishly alike we were. Turns out its true, she's my twin separated at birth. I'm just kidding, she's the cutest though, and has the best blonde hair ever. No, she didn't pay me to say any of that. But its all true...so go check her out right meow.

Speaking of meow...I'm still rocking out to Katy Perry's CD, yes...this many months after she released Prism. Don't judge.

Linking up with the sweetest, Shanna!
Enjoy your hump day!!


  1. hope you are feeling better! Breanna is obsessed w. Katy Perry, every time we get in the car she requests to listen to it. So exciting on booking weddings!!!

  2. I say both of you go back and get that cutie dress! ;) Hoping your happies help make that cold go away!

  3. Knock on wood, as much as I hate the germ sharing we haven't had a lot of that this year, yay!!

    We did finally pick a vacation - and I made Keith make the final decision because he's the indecisive one who couldn't make up his mind! I'm super excited, I posted a teaser about it today :)

  4. Posts about the little things that make you happy are such a good idea! I've been to that Starbucks!!!!! :D

    This reminded me that I need to write things under my tabs too!

  5. You always make me smile Kayla :) I hope you get to feeling better real soon!

  6. Get better, get better!!!!! :) Also, I will forever those that dress moment we had!!

  7. i listen to prism ALL THE TIME. still. can't wait to see her in august!! i also watched her movie this weekend.. super fan.

    the dress thing is hilarious! you two are too cute.

  8. Always good to look at the 'happies' -- life is far to sweet, and short, not too =) Thanks for reminder!!

  9. That is soooooo funny about your two trying on the same dress!! It's super cute...go back and get it!! Congrats on the busy schedule with your business! You deserve it!! And I hope you feel better soon....being sick is no fun. Neither is sharing germs! Thumbs down!

  10. that matching dress thing is seriously the best. hahaha I love when that happens! also, sorry you were sick! and thanks for the little shout out on the post ;) supaaa proud that you finally put that page together! haha xoxo

  11. I vote that you and Erin get matching dresses. Most precious sister in laws EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I laughed so hard at you two trying on the same dress! Hooray for updating the About Me page - good job!


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