Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Today, I'm choosing to raise my glass (more like my ice cold water, in my cubicle at work) to many things today.

Cheers to my husband, who kisses me even when I feel ugly.

Cheers to best friends, for sending me adorably cute animal pictures, for listening when I need it, and supporting my love for mountain dew when they know I'm trying to eat healthier {whoops}!

Cheers to this recipe...for real though, look at that!!! I've only used quinoa in a recipe once, and it turned out amazing, so I have very high hopes for this! Hoping to make that either tonight, or next week!

Cheers to this weather. Finally, Ohio is getting its crap together and bringing on the sunshine.

Cheers to late nights, and forgetting about a "bedtime". I hate the whole "YOLO" saying, but its true. You only live once...stay up late with your hot husband ;)

Cheers to my family, they are coming over tonight...which means I'm officially hosting a dinner party...which means I'm kind of freaking out. I hope the food is tasty!

Cheers to my pastor...for always being a constant source of encouragement. He is always there, and Caleb and I are so thankful for his presence in our lives...and for taking hilarious pictures with us at our wedding...oh and for bringing the hope of Jesus every Sunday morning in church. We're so grateful for you, Mike!

Cheers to Velveeta Shells, for being my excuse for dinner when I've had a long day. You may judge me, but macaroni and cheese never will.

Cheers to Anna! She and I somehow connected in this blog world, and I wondered why we hadn't "met" sooner?! This girl and I talk almost daily, and although our lives are very different, we are somehow like twins at times. I'm so looking forward to meeting her in a few months!! She's just the sweetest, and if you don't already know her -- well, you're missing out.

Cheers to Emily! She sent me the sweetest email last week during the difficult loss of my grandpa, and I'm thankful for the many things we have in common. She's so darn sweet, and I kinda like her! ;)

Cheers not Jeers

Seriously loving this fun link up, its a great way to uplift each other and make someone's day. Join in, won'tcha!? :)


  1. Found you through the link up...glad I did! Cheers to all of the amazing people and things in your life. Enjoy them all!

  2. Velveeta shells have saved me on more than one occasion. Love the picture with your pastor!

  3. Cheers to you, you, YOU, sweet friend! You and your wonderful little spot of the internet have brought me so much joy (is that creepy to admit?! Ha). Never stop being the cheerful, faithful, wonderful person you are!

  4. That recipe has me DROOLING... it looks SO good!!

  5. Aw, fun link up!! I'll have to remember this one next week. PS- I'll go ahead and invite myself over to the dinner party... I'm sure my invite got lost in the mail ;)

  6. Love Anna, and I can't wait to check out more of Emily's blog. And can I just copy you on the quinoa recipe? It looks amazing and something I could definitely disguise for Joe ;)
    Thanks for linking up!

  7. Staying up late with your hot hubby? I KNOW WHAT YOU WERE DOING! ;) hehehehe

    That dinner looks delicious!!!

  8. Oh sweet Jesus please send some of whatever is in that first picture this way.

  9. What a fun link up! That recipe looks delicious!!! Let me know how it goes :) Have fun at your dinner party tonight - I bet all the food will be wonderful!!

  10. Glad you're planning on trying that recipe :)

  11. Sometimes a girl just needs her Mt. Dew! :)


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