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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A few last things.

Thank goodness its Wednesday, the day we celebrate that we made it halfway through the work week. Ohh what I would do to have one random day through the week off! Who had the bright idea of working 40 hours a week anyway!!?

Onto happier (and less grumpy) things...I stumbled across this blog this week and found a post I quite liked. I thought I'd try it out...and I give full credit to miss Danielle for this post idea.

From top left to bottom right...row by row :)

Last thing you cooked; This Cheesy Caprese Quinoa Bake. Holy yum. I mean honestly, you'd better click that link instead of finishing this blog post! Its so so yummy, and I'm proud to say it turned out perfect!! YAY!

Last thing that made you smile; Obviously my husband...but other than that, a giraffe had her sweet baby at our local Zoo yesterday! She's so darn precious, and I think she looks like a Cece. Agreed?!

Last place you vacationed to; Punta Cana with our best friends! Trip of a lifetime, lemme tell ya!!

Last gift you received; Other than the incredible vintage camera's my grandpa's wife recently gifted me after he passed... I'd have to say the Disney plush characters from my man as an extra V-Day present! He knows me so well (yeah, were 7 years old...I won't apologize)!

Last song you listened to; Difference Maker by my favorite, Needtobreathe. I'm 900% serious when I say they are better live in person than on their CD. This video of them performing in Austin is just amazing.

Last thing you splurged on; I don't know if I'd call $20 "splurging", but I bought new running leggings for my first half marathon this weekend (excuse my work top)! 

Last time you were moved to tears; having to say goodbye to my Grandpa last week (that picture is from back in January, though). He was absolutely unresponsive, but being able to say goodbye to him, and squeezing his hand one last time meant the world to me.

Last person you texted; My soulmate. I mean, isn't she the sweetest? I got this after a horrible day, and I'm so happy she sent it. Little things like that mean the world to me.

Last voicemail; my friend (who is also planning a gorgeous wedding!!) Renee left me the sweetest voicemail yesterday. She absolutely made my entire week just with her sweet words. I cannot thank this blog world for bringing her and I together. I was lucky enough to meet this gal last fall and I am happy to say my life is brighter because of it :)

What are your "last things"? Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. Ohh I love this post idea. Cool! LOVE the running leggings!! You look hot!

  2. Those running leggings are too cute! Half marathon, here Kayla comes! Watch out.

  3. I love this idea!! You and Erin are just too sweet :) I love your leggings! You're going to rock that half and I'm so excited for you!! Future blate - running a half together?! :)

  4. You are so blessed! Love this post, such a good idea!! :)

  5. This post is such a good idea! Annnd I'm drooling over caprese quinoa bake!

  6. seriously a great post idea! and sister texts are the best!

  7. All of this is lovely! And good luck and have a blast on your half this weekend, you're going to rock it!

  8. You always find post ideas :) I think I need to play along soon!

  9. You don't read my "last things" post I do every month?! :( !!! :)

    This is really a great idea. And interesting to look back on things.

  10. I'm glad we are equally obsessed with the new baby giraffe in town! ;) Those leggings are gonna make you FLY Sunday!!!

  11. I love this!! I read your dinner post from the other day and that first picture reminds me that I need to try it!

  12. That's funny - my niece's name is Cece, but she doesn't look like that giraffe. :-P


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