Friday, March 14, 2014

Dear exciting weekend plans,

Dear Caleb, thanks for not thinking I'm crazy and letting a blogger friend you've never met stay with us for an entire weekend. I promise Becky isn't plotting to kill us :)

Dear Becky...we are MEETING tonight! Eek! Cannot believe how much fun we'll be having in a few short hours!

Dear Mexico...can we come back?! I'm craving you like crazy lately!

Dear Friday... this Friday in particular! I've been waiting for you for an awfully long time it seems!

Dear chips and queso...get ready to be attacked tonight.

Dear 5 miles tomorrow...I'm not scared of you anymore.

Dear Reese Witherspoon's hair... I want you. Why, oh why, will my hair never be that cute?!

Dear apartment...I worked on you forever last night. Cleaning is so therapeutic to me, and it finally feels like I can relax. You are great!

Dear entire weekend...hello girl talk, Redbox, pasta, and laughter.

Here's to hoping everyone will have a blast this weekend. I couldn't be more excited. Becky and I have been chatting for a couple months about this weekend and its finally here, it seems crazy (and and PS, Dear diet, you're not going to be perfect this weekend...sorry in advance)!  If you want to follow along with our weekend shenanigans, follow me on instagram! Happy Friday!


  1. TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT!!!!! :D I can't believe it's HERE! Is work over yet?!?!?! :)

  2. I am so excited for you two. I hope you have an awesome time!! Don't forget to snap chat me though :)

  3. Yayayay, bloggy girls weekend! So jealous of all things girls night that will be happening. Have an absolute b-l-a-s-t!

  4. Chips and queso don't stand a chance with me around!

  5. I'm new to following you - have fun this weekend! PS - Mexico sounds a-mazing right about now!

  6. How exciting! It's so neat and crazy how blogging can bring people together...I so LOVE that part of it! I bet you guys had a blast this weekend!

  7. so fun! blog friends are the best!

  8. the best part of blogging is the wonderful friends i have met and yes it is weird when we tell people we met online but they are some of my closest friends!!

  9. I cannot wait to hear about your blog buddy adventures....this world is so crazy and rewarding!! Hope you ladies are having fun!! And I totally attacked the chips and queso this weekend!! Holla!! :)

  10. Fun!! I had a blogger date this past weekend, too! We met up in South Carolina (halfway between our two homes), but next time I think I'll have her stay for a weekend. Can't wait to hear about your experience!!!


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