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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Letters to my week.

Dear Becca, your wedding is in two weeks! It was so good seeing you and the ladies last night. Can't wait for your more intimate shower next weekend, though!!

Dear legs, thanks for waking up before work a few times this week to get my butt in gear (I'm so not a morning person, so this is a flippin' miracle). Somehow, what you're doing is working. I'm actually beginning to see real results.

Dear stationary, I found a ton of you in my closet this week and I'm beyond pumped to use it!

Dear Miss Becky, you booked your flight!!!! Cannot wait to greet you at the airport like a crazy with a big sign and devour a Mexican dinner with you and my Erin that night! Is it March, yet?!
Dear generic diet root beer, thanks for tasting better than the real thing...and costing half the price.

Dear lunches this week, you rocked. I didn't spend a dime on you!

Dear soulmate, thanks for planning us a ladies night in next Friday....seriously, it is here yet!?

Dear Friday, I love you.


  1. Even though I look like a whale in that last picture, it's still one of my fave pics of us haha! That was such a fun day :) So proud of all your hard work you're putting in at the gym, you got this!!!

  2. EEEK that's me!!! :) I can't wait to be greeted with a big sign by a crazy awesome person and indulging in delicious Mexican food with my favorite sister-in-laws!!!! And our 8 mile run of fun and sky chili and seeing the city! Seriously it needs to get here ASAP - I may bust at the seams from excitement if it takes too long!! :)

  3. Friday, I love you tooo! & generic root beer is more times than not better tasting than brand name, why is that?

  4. YAY!!!! Morning workouts are the worst... until you start them and then they are the best thing ever. You are truly an inspiration. I'm so excited for you guys to do the half marathon!! Keep up the good work!!

  5. Can I just say that I love that you and Erin are so close!!! I SO WISH that me and my sister in law were that close. Have fun!!!

  6. OH MY! I am SO jealous of Becky coming to see you two! I wish I could magically appear :) Yall will have a blast! I hate i've been so MIA in blog work lately... HOPEFULLY it slows down soon because I miss you guys! Congrats on your week, I may not have blogged about it but I haven't spent a dime on lunches this week either!! I'm pretty proud of myself and only one night out and that was date night so it's allowed! Woo!

  7. I'm impressed with your early morning workouts!! I need to sleep in some workout gear so I can force my non-morning person self to exercise first thing in the morning!!


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