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Friday, December 6, 2013


Oh Friiiiday, how I've longed for you. After being off 4 days straight last week, and then having to ACTUALLY work for the next 5? Torture, I tell you ;) This weekend is going to be jam packed, but hey, that's what the holidays bring.

Dear Christmas cards, you turned out great! Can't wait to address all of you and send you on your merry way.

Dear Christmas tree, you are so beautiful! I am so happy to have you in our home.

Dear Sassy, for some reason you've been on my mind lately. I miss you more than ever, especially around the holidays. You were the best, most playful and loving dog ever. I'll see you again one day, though :)

Dear coworker, thanks for the huge poinsettia! I'm so excited about it!

Dear Caleb, thanks for cleaning the apartment on your day off!

Dear work, you're soo busy, but I LOVE it! My days are flying by.

Dear workout last night, that hurt.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. So excited to mail out Christmas cards, too!! Happy Friday.

  2. I love Fridays and poinsettias and husbands who clean! :) Happy Friday, sweet girl!

  3. See... I have a love/hate relationship with busy work days. In one sense, I feel so overwhelmed. But in another light, the days fly by! It makes me smile!

  4. I'm hoping to get our cards out this week! Just got to get the picture first!

  5. I hope I'm at the top of your Christmas card list!! :) muah!

  6. You have my address right?! :P Sassy and those adorable eyes!! Have a great weekend!

  7. Dear Kayla, I better be getting one of those cute little cards. Just saying.
    Texas Ashley! :)


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