Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I love this gig.

Blogging has brought me some serious joy in my life.
The first blog I ever dived into reading was the inspirational miss Kelle Hampton. I mean, if you've ever spent even 3 minutes on her page, you know how incredible she is. Back in college, I would spend HOURS on Friday nights (yes, I was that cool) just reading post after post...searching through her archives.
You know what it was I loved the most about her blog? She was just so genuine... she didn't have to make her life seem glamorous, she wrote with raw emotion and serious passion.

My sister. Inspiring me in both my real life and my writing ;)
That is the kind of blogger I want to be.
More creative.
Everyday? No. Of course not...but I do want to spend more time on this little blog of mine.

Why do I write?
Well, for starters...I can write whatever I want on this little space of mine. I can use it as an outlet, or to reach out to friends in need. I can write from my heart, or I can write lists (which happen a lot)...I can also write when its hard to say out loud what I want to say. Whatever it is, its mine and I want to rock it.

I also love it because of the genuine friendships I've made.
I'm sure any of you who have told your significant other (or even real life friends) how much you talk to your "blog friends", they look at you like your nuts. Me and my closest blog gals...we text, we face time... we email...snap chat. All of it. Its just amazing to me that blogging can form these real relationships.

So, friends...you know who you are. I'm SO thankful for you!

I want to know though, why do YOU write? If you feel like it, too...please leave a link in the comments of one of your favorite blog posts (either written by you, or someone else!). Thanks!


  1. I write because it's my way to get my feelings out. Whether it be a blog post, a note written to a friend letting them know I'm thinking of them, even my fiction that I write!

    My favorite post? This one right here because I was so fired up when writing it! http://www.theycallhermeghan.com/2012/03/marriage.html

  2. Great pic of you and Erin! I started because I wasn't using my journalism degree and needed to write SOMEWHERE. :D

  3. Wait... what?! Why is my picture up there?! lol :)

  4. Ahhh! It was really cool to hear why you started writing and to hear how much blogging has brought to your life! It's pretty rad isn't it! I never knew there was such a community and such fun involved in it!!! Here is a link to the reasons why I blog :) http://www.imperfectlyperfectgrace.com/p/why-i-write.html

  5. I love these blogging friendships! There was actually multiple times this weekend where I said "well my blog friend..." One day we'll all be IRL friends but I know to us, it's already like that :P I love writing about what's going on in my life or what's on my mind then reading it again later. I feel like I get so caught up in the future that sometimes it's nice to use the past as a measurement of what has changed/gotten better!

  6. I write because it's a space where I can be real to myself. Which ay sound selfish, but I think everybody needs a space like that! ;)

  7. I love my bloggy friends and the fact that writing on a silly website and finding people who are interested in reading it can give you great friends. REAL FRIENDS. Most of us blog about personal things so it's like they know us even better (sometimes) than our friends in real life! Xo

  8. I have seriously sobbed over some of Kelle's posts. Beautiful writer. As are you!

  9. Hmm...why do I write.... It started out as an outlet for creativity, then turned into a "I have to post every day at 6am", and now it's slowly turning back into the original reason.

  10. I write to remember, inspire and to have a creative outlet. And the best perk of all is meeting awesome people like you! :)

  11. My IRL friends think I am crazy when I say blog friends...so much so that I really don't mention it to them anymore. If you don't blog, you really don't get it. And I wish I had more time to write. Life has been so crazy lately that sometimes I feel like I am just spitting out posts...and it kinda makes me sad.


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