Friday, October 11, 2013

Fridayyy, I think I love you.

Dear Friday, I've been waiting for you all week!!! I have some fun things planned for this weekend.

Dear workout last night, thank you for being killer. Yes it was super late in the evening, and I was tired and hungry, but thanks for making it worth it. I have NEVER run that fast in my life for that long, or worked my arms so hard. Who cares if I look pathetic with my 10 lb weights, I'm doing it.

Dear Outlet malls, get ready to be TO' UP tomorrow. Erin & I are coming for you! Deal$ deal$ deal$.

Dear Amanda, you are seriously beautiful! We had so much fun shooting your wedding! I miss you friend. oh & HEY...your wedding photos are almost compleeeete ;)

Dear books, I'm excited to start reading you again.

Dear Alexa, your constant encouraging messages make me the happiest. You're amazing!

Dear Joe & guys rock. In case I've never mentioned that.

Dear booties, I want you...and I want you bad.

Dear co-worker, you're going to KILL your marathon this weekend. You're an inspiration!

Dear Cincy bloggers, words cannot express how EXCITED I am to meet all of you next week. I had NO idea there were this many of us, and I'm pumped to spend an entire evening with everyone!! We are seriously going to need name tags, ha!

Have a fun weekend, friends!


  1. Two thumbs up for our cincy blogger meet up!!! Can't wait to hug you!! :)

  2. Great pic! I'm so jealous! I can never find Maryland bloggers! Hope your meet-up is awesome!

  3. Have I mentioned how much I love your wedding dress?! Seriously it was made for YOU! Have a great weekend! I'm super jealous of your meet up but can't wait to see pictures!!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend shopping!! Have fun!

  5. I love love love you, sweet girl! And YOU'RE the amazing one, I assure you!!

  6. I need some booties, I need my wedding pictures, and I need you to never stop blogging! Because I love each and every post. Happy Weekend!

  7. I miss you like crazy!! We might not be able to see one another all the time but we should definitely schedule some video chat and email sessions soon!!

  8. Thank GOODNESS it's Friday! This week felt soo long. Hope you have fun shopping tomorrow! Tell Erin I say hi :)

  9. Deals for DAYS!!! :) Can't wait! Oh, and totally read that as Dear boobies.. instead of booties. Awkward....

  10. YAY! I'm so excited to meet you so soon. And don't worry girl, Erin said she has the nametags covered. Haha. Love it!

  11. Ahhh I love me some outlet malls. Seriously I refuse to shop at regular malls without the deals. Yay for meeting up with fun people around you and fun weekends. I hope it was as amazing as you are. Happy Sunday.


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