Thursday, September 5, 2013

Risk taking.

The other day I was discussing with a friend something that was making her kind of nervous...I kind of casually just told her "don't be nervous, you're going to ROCK this!"

...easier said than done.
It's funny...when I get nervous about something, its almost like nothing anyone says will calm me down. A silly anxiety comes over me and my heart starts to race.
Not sure what came over me last year when I marched into the big guys' office after being a temp for 7 months and said I 'needed this job or I was out because I needed some stability in my life'... buuuut that's besides the point.

It got me thinking... why can't I just overcome it?
I get so stinking nervous when I have to confront someone about a situation that I end up avoiding it all together...and that has lead me to be walked on, a lot.

Anyone else with me?
...or am I completely alone here?

Maybe it was the whole...turning 22 thing...but I feel I'm starting to speak up in meetings more, confront situations that I otherwise would've ignored, speak my emotions more...and also trying to be a little riskier in my fashion choices. White after labor day? YOU BET ;)

This is also causing me to go out of my comfort zone and do things I normally wouldn't. I've booked a couple of weddings recently, and its forcing me to meet up with complete strangers to talk about their vision for their big day. I'm nervous...but also so excited.

Photography is my passion...and I think the unexpectedness that come along with it keep me on my feet.

So, here's to taking risks and chances.
Go get it, something you're a little afraid of :)


  1. that's awesome Kayla!! It is so hard not to get nervous about things, it always leaves a knot in my stomach and once it's over it's totally worth it!

  2. this is wonderful, Kayla. One of my 30 by 30 goals is to confront a major fear. I'm not sure what that means yet but I am excited to find out :)

  3. Here is something I have come to recognize: 95% of bloggers have anxiety lol which is totally insane to me because we basically put our lives and opinions out here to be judged and commented on! bloggers are a strange breed aren't are we? :)

  4. I'm with you on the avoiding situations all together but I'm slowly overcoming it as I get more responsibility at work and more confidence. I'm glad you're putting yourself out there with your photography since it is your passion! You're talented and you'll only get better with experience :) Something I may do that I'm afraid of is run a marathon! I've been considering it for awhile now and my only excuse is that I'm afraid. Pshh that's not a valid reason Becky! I may have convinced Julie to do it with me for extra support and we're looking into finding one for next fall. Eek!

  5. I'm totally with you in avoiding uncomfortable situations! I really hate confronting people- so I tended not to do it. And as you said, it leads to getting walked all over and people thinking they can take advantage of you!!

    I've gotten a little better with that this year- and someone actually noticed and told me I was doing a good job of standing my ground, but still staying professional (this was in a work setting). It felt so good that someone else had noticed since I was seriously out of my comfort zone!

  6. Love this post! Your sweet words touch close to home with me. Thanks for the wisdom :)

  7. Amen. I am totally with you on this! Aaaand I love that quote - I think I'll be stealing it, haha. You totally rock the photography thing, by the way. So go you, you risk taker! :)

  8. I love that quote so much! Being adventurous is always worth the risk. It might not end up how you expected it, but you still learn from it! Good for you for continuing to take a risk and follow your passion.

  9. I'm the exact same way and my dad always says "What's the worst they can say, no." It kills me. But good for you with the weddings, that's awesome!

  10. I'm totally with you - i have pretty hard-core anxiety and once i get worked up about something, it's hard for me to calm down. i've gotten better over the years, but it's definitely something i'm still working on. as far as confrontation goes...i tend to avoid it until it's necessary and then i'll do it. i don't like to if i don't have to, but i also don't want to be walked on either. it's a fine line. good luck with're going to ROCK it! :)

  11. Wow girl, that is so awesome that you'll be shooting weddings!!! You're going to ROCK them! ;)

  12. You are going to do amazing things pretty lady! So very excited for you. It's a great feeling stepping up and into new shoes and finding who you are and who you can be. Can't wait to see what is to come.

  13. That's so awesome Kayla! You're going to do awesome, just wait and see & have FAITH! xo!


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