Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why August freakin rocks.

If you aren't a stranger to this blog, you know that this month is my absolute favorite. I have been SO blessed in so many ways. So many good things just happen, and have happened in my past that just make my heart skip a beat! 

So, why is August freakin rockin, you ask?!

1. Weeelllllll...for starters! On the 18th of August last year, my man got down on one knee on my favorite beach in Hilton Head and asked me to spend forever with him. This is still, to date....like one of the best days of my life. I will never forget these moments, and thankfully since my man caught it on video...I'll never have too.
Picture of a video, sorry! Maybe one day I'll upload the real video?
Just moments after it happened. Tears, so many happy tears!

2. Flash back even BEFORE the proposal... to the 24th of this month, FOUR YEARS AGO, Caleb asked me to be his girlfriend. He was so darn nervous he even spelled my name wrong on the card he gave me. This is a picture from that night. We made each other T shirts, played Boggle, and he made me dinner. He even handed me a Taco Bell Fruitista (which kiiind of has a strong part in our relationship! Hehe), as he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Oh hiiiii 2009.
3. 22 years ago this Friday...I was born! So that is pretty cool! ;) -- shout out to my Dad, too who was born on the 3rd.
From my surprise party last year!
4. Ummm duh, football... & that I'll more than likely get more picture messages from my stud of a husband that look like this.

5. Fall is RIGHT around the corner. Which means that so are fun fall double dates with our faves!!

6. This is the month I started my blog, last year!

7. On my 18th birthday back in 2009, it was a Sunday. That is the day I got baptized, and then went Skydiving afterwards. Life. Changing!!! If you've been wanting to do this...do yourself a favor and DO IT ALREADY!

8. Finally starting to take my own photography seriously. This month has been rockin!

9. We get to take a road trip with E&J to Memphis, for a friends wedding! Woo to the hoo! Couldn't be more excited about this. 

So seriously...we're only, what? 6 days into August and its already proving to be amazing. I got some in-freaking-credible news the night before August started...that I'm excited to share (in the near future). So, stick around! ;)


  1. you are my favorite person (shout out to aaron hahaha) love youuuuuuu :P

  2. haha! august is pretty freaking cool, may it be even better this year!

  3. Can't wait to hear the exciting news!!

  4. August definitely is your month! It'll be hard to keep beating the last year. I'm sure you'll have a great month again!

  5. I'm from Memphis so you know I love that!!! Hope you have a great time!!

  6. Your posts always make me smile! Those are some pretty ROCKIN august memories :) Can't wait to hear the news - always sticking around :)

  7. August has definitely been a good month and it's just began! I'm excited to hear about this good news.... of course everyone's first thought is going to be that you're prego-meago! ;) & that would indeed be exciting news!

  8. i vote a big fat YES for uploading the video! ;) haha, and I mean, the 24 of August is pretty good day...I'd have to agree with you there!

  9. I agree August is pretty awesome. I'm definitely glad it's here since it's the doorway to fall and football!

  10. you have so many exciting things to celebrate this month- so fun!!! and i agree, i'm pretty excited for it myself :)

  11. I love how you got baptized and went skydiving on the same day!
    Wow August really is memorable for you. :)

  12. YAY AUGUST! :) Hope this year is even better than all the past ones! :)

  13. we have the same birthday!!! (:

  14. I love that picture with all the sunflowers.

    August 24 is our wedding anniversary!

  15. Woohoo for all the awesomeness August brings!
    Can't wait to hear the exciting news!

  16. Happy early birthday! And Happy engagement anniversary!!


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