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Friday, August 30, 2013

See you, August!

Ahhh sweet, sweet August. You came and went so fast. You know, you are my favorite month of the year.
It's my birthday... the month Caleb proposed, the month we celebrate our dating anniversary, and its the start of a wonderful football season... oh, and it also means FALL is right around the corner.

So, what were some of my favorite parts of August?
Oh you know...turning 22 (I have yet to blog about that!) Caleb took me to the new casino downtown for a fun night of stuffing my face (see picture below this one) and winning some cash!

Eating way more crab legs than an average human probably should. No shame.

Taking a new favorite picture of my HUSBAND and I!

Getting birthday presents!
Yellow earrings from link-up host Ashley herself!
Monogram necklace from miss Anna!
& hilarious "I shoot people" necklace, from the sweeeeet sweet Alexaaa!
Thanks also to Robin, Amanda and Ashley for the cutest birthday cards, EVA! (wow- almost all of their names started with A!)
Seriously, can I wear them all at once!?
Receiving this candle from my soulmate, Erin!

Shooting more in August, like the cutest gender reveal party on the planet.

Getting my picture taken in front of my fav place EVAAA. Seriously, the chicken has to be coated with drugs. I can't stop eating them!

& last but definitely not least... one of my favorite families I got to photograph earlier this month.

I hope you've all had the BEST August ever.
Looking forward to the last few months of this year, with lots of football...and lots more pictures.

Stay happy, friends!


  1. Happy late birthday. Looks like you had an exciting month. That gender reveal is cute and I haven't seen one like that before. What is that? Confetti? Did everyone have it but the couple?

  2. Would that happen to be a peach shake in your Chick-fil-A cup? I think those MUST have drugs in them because I can hardly ever drive past one without driving straight to the drive thru to get one :) I love that gender reveal picture - such a fun idea! Bring on September :)

  3. I love that gender reveal picture the best! That looks like so much fun, and super cute. Thanks
    Liisi from Mom's Thumb Reviews

  4. Such a fun month! I have to tell you I have never had Chick-fil-A until last month, Talk about 23 years of deprivation! There needs to be one built up here in MI. IT WAS SO GOOD! Also, happy birthday month until next year ;)

  5. Love that picture of you and your hubby! Very cute couple! :)

  6. omg I totally ruined the "A" theme! But my last name starts with A so it's all ok!! SO glad you had a fabulous month! :)

  7. where did August go?! I'm so glad you had a great one!!! That candle from Erin is too perfect haha :)

  8. Sounds like an awesome month!! August is a great month for me too--Ben's birthday, Jack's birthday, and our anniversary!

  9. August really was a great month! And I've told you before, but I love that gender reveal photo shoot you did. Seriously...why didn't we come up with that chick fil a recipe? It is SO good!

  10. You birthday gifts are the absolute best! "I shoot people" and "you had me at yellow", so awesome!

  11. I love that monogram necklace. And seriously, Chick-fil-A is my favorite and I'm pretty sure I could eat there every day.

  12. Yay August!! It was a great month. Until we meet again!!! Woohoo.

  13. OK...I got a crockpot. Now WHAT DO I DO WITH IT!?!


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