Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A birthday wish!

My girl Lyndsie (bff's since 7th grade!) has a BIRTHDAY today!
So I thought, why not make my entire post today about her?

We met back in 7th grade, when she moved to my school district. One of my close friends invited her to the lunch table...and well, we clicked immediately and I invited her to my upcoming 13th birthday party.

Hot ones, weren't we?
We would talk about shopping, our AIM screen names, and Xanga profiles...oh, and what we'd do next with our hair. Clearly we couldn't be honest with each other about the middle part/straight bang thing we had goin' on. Ohhh, the awkward stages of teen years.

I'd visit her church occasionally, going to youth group hangouts, where she introduced me to who would be my husband years later (kudos Lynds!)! A trillion sleepovers, buckets of marshmallow fluff, and too much girl talk later...we had one of the greatest friendships ever.

As we grew older, we became even closer. Leaving middle school and becoming big freshman together.
It seemed that along with sophomore year became a better sense of style/hairdo's... thankfully.
Then junior year came...and we were practically sisters. Our mom's basically each had 2 daughters. Life was grand.

We took vacations together...

Salsa danced together...

& then became college roommates!

80's bowling night, don't worry I had some fun leg warmers on!
We celebrated almost every birthday together...

and I even asked her to stand by my side on my big day.

Long story short! This girl is amazing. She is one of the greatest people I've ever met, has a heart for God, and is one of the most hilarious, ridiculous, awesome ladies I know.

Life wouldn't be the same without you, Lynds.
Happy birthday! So excited to celebrate with you and your family tonight.

If you're reading this Lynds, I hope you have the BEST birthday to date. You have SO much potential in life, and I KNOW you will change the world. Thanks for always being the best!

Here is to the next 22 years (and then 22 more!) of making fun memories together. Love you!


  1. Such a precious friendship! There are few things in life more fun than going through old pics with best friends. I found so many when packing up to move. The best.

  2. Friendships like that are the best :) Having so much history with someone is a great feeling!

  3. What a beautiful friendship! Wow she introduced you to your hubby, that's so cool! A happy happy birthday to her!

  4. you cannot beat a wonderful friendship and gaining some fashion sense :)

  5. Aw what a sweet tribute to your friend. I'm dying over that first picture! Hahahaha.

  6. What a sweet post! Friendships that stem from childhood are the best--I've definitely noticed that there is something different about those friendships vs. the new ones we make!

  7. I cannot get over the BROWN HAIR on both of you in that first pic!!!

  8. You two are gorgeous!!! I love that you've known each other since middle school...true friends right there! I bet you know some good stuff about each other ;-)

  9. Wow, what a blessing that you two have been by each others sides for so long! Happy birthday to her!!! :-)

  10. Awww what a great friendship!! Happy birthday lyndsie!!! :)


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