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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Today is May.
Which means I can officially say I'm getting married this month.
Which means, crap I still have a lot to do.
Which really means I better kick my butt into gear,
so that I can marry that hunk already.
Fly off to Mexico, have the time of my life...
eat whatever I want...then start the rest of forever with my Mr.

Today's post is perfectly random, in all the right ways.
So, I give you....

24 facts about our engagement/wedding:

(1) Caleb proposed to me on the beach in Hilton Head Island, SC, as the sun went down. I cried like a baby, sheer joy, of course!
(2) He tricked me into video taping my own proposal...sneaky one, he is.

(3) We rode adorable bikes with baskets on them to that very beach (there's a hint on our cake topper!)
(4) The original date we wanted for our wedding was May 18th.
(5) Our favors involve something sweet.
(6) Caleb pulled the grey tux inspiration from his fav man; Robert Downey Jr, at the end of Avengers.

(7) None of my bridesmaid's dresses are the same, they are all unique to them!
(8) My wedding shoes are yellow. Woo!
(9) We almost got really daring and decided to scratch the tent rental all together for the reception, but then we thought if it DID rain, we'd be in real trouble. So...a beautifully lit white tent it shall be.
(10) The top layer of our cake will be red velvet, covered in butter-cream icing. Mmmmm!
(11) The rest of our guests will be getting cupcakes in a flavor of their choice!
(12) My flower girl is the cutest, ever.

(13) My bouquet will have a touch of garden roses (like peonies, except on a budget!)
(14) Caleb absolutely does NOT want to see me until I walk down the aisle. I am kind of in love with that idea, too. He's kinda romantic ;)
(15) Our first experience with a wedding vendor (some "professional" photographers) was absolutely AWFUL. I cried on the car ride home... thank GOODNESS for our amazing photographers we have now. I don't know what I'd do without them.
credit: Innovatory Photography
(16) My nails have probably been painted 3 times our whole engagement. You'd think having a shiny rock on your hand would be motivation to keep the hands lookin good?
(17) Caleb originally wanted our centerpieces to be various action know, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor... no thank you. I respectfully negotiated that one, HA!
(18) Our wedding invitations -- I'm slightly obsessed with. We ordered them from Magnet Street and our design was called watercolor ombre'!
(19) This is what our save the date's looked like (also ordered from Magnet Street!)

(20) Caleb and I each have 6 people standing next to us.
(21) There were 9 of us that went dress shopping the day I found "the dress". Most called me crazy, but I knew none of those ladies would cause drama...and the day was AMAZING.

(22) I have an unhealthy obsession with mason you know I've already spent countless hours with my grandma making centerpieces/etc.
(23) We will not be having a seating plan at either the ceremony or reception. No sides in the church, no assigned seating at the tables...guests can sit wherever they'd like.
(24) Last but certainly not least...Caleb has decided to have a little scruff on his face for the day of. Can't say I'm mad about it ;)

So there you have it... 24 random facts about our journey leading up to the big day... I cannot believe its almost here. Someone pinch me.

Honestly though... this journey has flown by before my eyes. I can't even thank everyone enough for all the sweet emails, tweets, texts, and random words of encouragement and advice. I sure picked a great time to start blogging. This community is SO supportive and uplifting and I have made quite a few genuine friendships out of this experience. Can't wait to share more info on our big day.

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  1. No seating plan = best idea everrrrr! Besides marrying the love of your life, of course ;)
    Down here in the South, I'd never really heard of a seating plan anyway, but I'm SO glad we didn't have one! We had New Jerseyans sitting with Tennesseans (and getting along!) and everyone mingled and had a blast.

    So so sooooo excited for you and Caleb right now! Treasure this month leading up to the wedding, it'll be the time of your life and you'll pinch yourself when it's all over!

    Love you, sweet girl. I wish you so much happiness!!

  2. Happy wedding month!!! It has been so fun hearing about the details of your wedding and I know you guys will have the perfect day! I'm just so excited for you!

  3. Alright I'm so excited for you! I just went to my cousins wedding this past weekend and I'm already bugging out to plan mine (Granted I have a bit but still) SO IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! You better (atleast try) to share pix of your wedding with the blogosphere!:)

  4. Ahhhhh it's coming so soon! & I love that you let your guest choose their flavor of cupcake, how different!

  5. eeek so so so close! love that he taped the proposal and that non of the bridesmaid dresses are not all the same!!

  6. It's hard to believe its actually May and you and Caleb will be getting married in just a few short weeks. I love you and I'm so proud of you, just know that!! Enjoy these last few weeks because they will FLY by even faster than the past months have. So happy for you SIS!

  7. So exciting! I wore yellow shoes too!! They're the best! :)

  8. Your wedding is the day after my birthday, so it will obviously be awesome. May is the best month ever.

  9. Wedding month! This whole post was so exciting and it'll be a gorgeous wedding! Enjoy every minute :) So happy for you both!

  10. Eeeekkk!!! I love hearing about wedding plans! Yours sounds like it will be fabulous!!! :-)

  11. Happy Wedding Month!!!! Ok, I could seriously talk about all of these things...but let's see. What was the deal with your original photographer? I don't think I ever got that story. I'm glad the date is May 25...I like the sound of that! I also love mason jars so I'm excited that you're using those!! (Glad you didn't go with the action figures)haha!! I love that picture of you and your girls on dress shopping day...what a treasure.

  12. Wow..such a cute flower girl!! Congrats for ur big day - you will make a great bride:-) BTW, dropping in via Shanna's link up! Hop on to my blog whenever you have time! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  13. Yay for MAY!! I love reading about little hints of your wedding! Are you going to have your nails painted for your wedding? I used to never wear polish, so I went with a clear manicure, but now I wish I had had some color.

  14. I teared up reading this... my wedding is 79 days away and i'm so anxious for it to get here! I love all of your little details and can't WAIT to see pictures!

  15. There is so much I want to say, but all I can word right now is, Eeeeeeeeeeee! So excited for you!

  16. Eak!!! 24!!! I'm so very excited for the both of you and to see it all come together. You are going to be stunning!!!!!!

  17. Yay wedding month! SO awesome! Love your little details!!

    Where are the guys getting the grey suits from? We are having a hard time finding suits we like. Who knew there could be ugly suits?! Haha

  18. Clicked on this one from your year wrap up post :) Love it! I had peonies too! Love them! And red velvet with buttercream? Yum!

    I also love that you all didn't have assigned seating, we did at our rehearsal dinner because it was easier but not at anything else. It was nice.

    This post was great :)


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