Monday, May 13, 2013

Fun friends, good food.

My weekend started out with a little pizza and fruit... I know, kind of contradictory... but its what my church provided.

Friday night was for all the volunteers to come meet at our old building and learn the dance moves to this years sports camp songs. Sports camp is an AMAZING thing our church puts together for our community... we offer an entire week FREE to kids K-5, to come play fun sports, dance a ton, and mostly... to learn about Jesus.

Oh heeey Caleb, I see you.

After that, I literally went home and fell asleep, since Saturday I'd be doing a WHOLE lot of driving.
Why, you ask?

To watch my best friend GRADUATE COLLEGE! I was so proud of her. I still can't believe I made the nearly 3 hour drive there at 6AM, and was back home by 5PM... but let me tell you, that did me in. I took an accidental 2 hour nap when I got home... woke up to eat, and fell back asleep.

But lets back track... this university is where I spent nearly 2 years of my life... I loved it there. Isn't the chapel beautiful!?

I was so proud of her in this moment! She has been through a LOT in the past 4 years, but has been so blessed in her education and I know she will do great things in her life!

It was really fun being back and seeing a ton of old friends, too!

After this I drove down to Columbus to have lunch with Lynds and her family at a really cute diner...where I enjoyed the most delicious cinnamon bread known to man, some incredible tea, and the waiter finished our meal off by saying at "I'm not sure if you're a mother...but if you are, happy Mother's Day"..... he's lucky I'm not easily offended ;)

Caleb was busy all day Saturday with his best friends (about 12 of them) enjoying his last HOORAH being "single" ;) yes...that's right. It was his bachelor party. I wasn't concerned at all...Caleb is a fantastic guy and so are all of his friends. They went to a Red's game, then to dinner and a bowling alley... but I did get THIS text from his brother (also best friend/best man) around midnight...

It's fake, I promise.
I think Caleb just wanted to get a rise out of me... seeing as in one of his favorite comedies, the dude gets this actually TATTED on his face. Yikes.

Sunday was spent at church in the morning, and then my cousin's last soccer game of his season. Sadly, they lost...but when they are still in the single age digits, they could really care less. It was a blast.

Then we spent the afternoon with my grandparents eating taco's and eating fresh baked cookies. (What wedding diet?!)

Hope everyone had a blast this weekend and a wonderful day celebrating the special women in your lives!


  1. I love how involved you two are with your church. They are lucky to have you two!!

    This has nothing really to do with your weekend, but your striped dress is adorable!!

  2. haha that tattoo! so funny! the church is so pretty and yay for your friend! so great of you to attend her graduation!

  3. Congrats to Lyndsie! I would come home and fall asleep right away after all that driving! Haha love Caleb's tattoo! Glad you had a good weekend! :)

  4. The only things better than pizza and fruit is fruit pizza!!

  5. several of my friends graduated college this past weekend too. so fun to see them reaching towards their dreams! your striped dress is pretty dreamy.

  6. You always have the busiest weekends! Congrats to your friend. And that's really nice of you, that you went all the way out there just to see her walk.

  7. Your weekend looks fabulous! I think pizza and fruit is an acceptable combo! :)

  8. Haha- the tattoo is hilarious! My husband came home from his bachelor party the following morning in mesh shorts and dress shoes- with the shoelaces broken on both shoes. How it even happened, no clue.

    Let me know if the no-reply thing is fixed!! Thanks :)

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