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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thankful Thursdays - Wedding style

At this point, I'm thankful to still have my sanity.

No but for realz... I could not have chosen a better time to start blogging than last summer...not only was it the greatest summer of my life (thus far), I turned 21 and got proposed too all in one week. How lucky can a girl get?!? So what am I really thankful for today?

Any of you who keep coming back, thank you. Seriously! From the bottom of my big ole' heart, THANK YOU. I have formed real genuine friendships (Caleb will never understand them, but they are real none the less).

So what am I thankful for so far in this wedding planning stage we're stuck in at?

Snap chat with my BFF/MOH who is in California for her last semester at school. Girlfriend almost didn't take that opportunity just to be able to craft and do silly things with me for my wedding? I wasn't having that. California was an opportunity of a lifetime for her and I wasn't about to let my lil' wedding stop her. So we've talked daily via text, phone and snap chat. Love that girl.

Emails with my Erin/Bridesmaid/soulmate... thank God for her. That is all I have to say! Know what she did for me? Snap chatted me one day and said "I HAVE AN IDEA!" but never told me what it was for the next THREE DAYS!!!! Do you know what it was? An hour by hour timeline of my wedding day, with points of contact, phone numbers, people categorized by name, emails, etc...I mean, how did she know I was in desperate need of that without me saying it? It's a soulmate thing I suppose! ;)

Marie. She has been such an amazing friend throughout not only my engagement, but long before. I am so thankful for her heart. She truly has a servants heart and would do anything for me, and vise versa. Her and her awesome husband Josh treated Caleb and I to lunch after church Sunday, and we had them over for dinner on is SO much fun hanging out with them, simply when we are doing absolutely nothing. So let me rephrase this, I am thankful for their relationship and how much Caleb and I look up to it. They are such a Godly couple and they just make my heart swell. Don't even get me started on their adorable freaking daughter...

Need I say more? I am also thankful for that little gal. She truly has Caleb and I wrapped around her finger. Can't say I hate it! ;)

Last but CERTAINLY not least... I am thankful for this man.

What can I say? It is officially ONE MONTH until I marry this hunk and boyyyyyy I can't wait.
Literally...I'm just ready to say my vows, kiss that man, dance the night away, and jet to Mexico!!

What are YOU thankful for? Be sure to thank someone today. You are loved more than you know.


  1. So exciting!! Hold on to your sanity, girl, it'll all be worth it in a few weeks!

    That's so exciting!

  3. What wonderful people you have in your life!! Happy 1 month until your I do's!!! :)

  4. One month!! So exciting! Oh and you just look too cute in that top photo!

  5. so much to be thankful for! so excited for you and this special time!!

  6. I love this! There is always so much to be thankful for & so many people that make your life the crazy roller coaster that it is! Also, ONE MONTH! :)

  7. Awww one month! That's so exciting :)

  8. ONE month!!!! Oh my gosh oh my gosh!!! Ok, I have yet to snap chat anyone else. Did you ever get mine? I'm pretty sure I did it wrong...that stuff confuses me.

    An hour by hour timeline??? That is incredible!!

  9. It's almost wedding time! Kevin is the same way about "blog friends!" haha

  10. This is adorable!!! You're so close to being done with this season of wedding planning!!! :-)

  11. Haha I am obsessed with snapchat!! It's probably the number 1 way I keep in touch with friends from home while I'm abroad haha

  12. Yes. Especially Mexico.

    Can I just say that I love that you pushed your friend to follow her dreams? That makes me adore you even more. It's hard to find someone that will let one go for their best interest, even if that means missing them. You are a great friend.

  13. Love this post!! Such adorable pics! Eek! for one more month!! Congrats!!


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