Thursday, April 18, 2013

Can I recap a weekend AND last night in the same post?

Friday night was the night a few of us ladies were gonna get together to celebrate Erin's 26th! She is so special to us and we wanted to make her feel special. What's better than stuffing ourselves full of queso and chips? Nothing...that's what.

If I'm 100% honest with myself, these are the only good shots of the night. Sooo that'll be all ya get ;) but for real...we had a blast celebrating one of our best friends. Then we did what any girls would do, had a sleepover, duh.

Saturday I drove a bit to meet one of my bridesmaids at an outlet mall to find some wedding shoes. Do ya think I found much? Nope. Buuuuut I did find ONE pair of cuties. We shall see ;)

Sunday was spent at church, relaxing, and then back to church to hang with the youth group.


Caleb and I wanted to have Erin & Jared over before they left for Disney. YES, YOU HEARD ME...they are going to Disney-freaking-world. Celebrating Erin's birthday in one of the nicest restaurants down there, completed with a firework show...and probably an appearance by a Disney princess. JK, but how cool would that be?!

So needless to say last night was a blast... they were our first official dinner guests.
We made lasagna... okay, so we didn't make it...Stouffers did...

Brownie points for all who noticed this is the first post-Caleb move in picture of the apartment on the blog!!
Then when it was time to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY like crazies, and light the candles... we realized we. don't. have. a. lighter. So what do I do???
Cheerfully knock on the downstairs neighbors door to ask for one...
he answers the door... poking his head out, covered in a red beard, and has NO shirt on... like I'm pretty sure he was butt naked.

I proceeded to ask him if he has a lighter, he kind of gives me a dirty look and says "uh, I don't smoke...", then I get all awkward like he thinks I'm a heavy smoker or something? Dude, back up!

"....oh, no...I didn't think you smoked, I's totally fine if you did, I just wanted to know .... we're just trying to light a cake...sooo?" 

..... then he shuts the door. HA! Soooo needless to say, Erin played pretend when it came to blowing out her candles, & she took it like a champ!

Then we relaxed for a bit, and Erin and I had a mini photo shoot... but we had no idea my self timer was going to continue shooting...and this is the end result of that.

WOOPS! Its taking ten shots...

I mean, do I really have to tell you how much the four of us are in love with each other? Didn't think so.

I am so sad they will be gone for an entire week...I mean, after they left, Caleb and I thought "....what are we going to do next week???" HA! However, I'm super happy they both get a vacation away from home celebrating their happiness and starting out Erin's 26th birthday with a bang!

Say hiiii to Mickey for me, Erin ;)

From 2010!


  1. I love you guys. And I love that it looks like Jared is eating the chair.

  2. How cow, what a fun birthday and I am loving you had a sleepover! That sounds like a blast! Hahaha... too funny about the burst mode. That happened to me too when we were taking a family picture last weekend. I was like... wait, uhhh... funny pic go! lol

  3. Are they driving? If they are you and Caleb could catch a ride and they can drop you off in NC. Just an idea... :) hilarious about your neighbor!! What in the world??! bhahah!!!

    Get the shoes....get the shoes....get them!!! They are so cute!

  4. Ahhh!!! I love the interaction with your new neighbor!!! Haha.

  5. looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! :)

  6. You can NEVER go wrong with queso and chips! Yum!

  7. This looks like a perfect evening! And that lasagna looks great! The whole no lighter thing would be something I'd do!

  8. Stouffer s lasagna is my FAVORITE. I'm getting hungry just looking at it and it's only 10:30 am....

    :) Liz

  9. haha, creepy neighbor! maybe he just really doesn't like birthday cakes...;)

  10. Bahaha!! Loved the story of the neighbor =) And what a fantastic way to celebrate having dinner guests over for the first time...looks as though you all had a fantastic time =)

  11. haha, intereactions like that with neighbors are always hilarious. Why would he answer the door like that? Awkward! How fun, to celebrate your birthday at disney world! I'm a big birthday celebrator so I love it when people go big for their birthdays.

  12. Mmmmm, love some queso AND lasagna. Aren't wedding shoes so hard to find when you're trying to??


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