Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Once upon a time...

...one of my favorite people on this Earth threw me a bridal shower... Wonder who that could beee??

But seriously...I got all the way to my shower and then forgot my camera...so you know I turned around, decided I'd be TEN minutes late for my own shower...and then showed up. I made quite the entrance ;)

The decorations were soo classy and beautiful... just perfect!

Not to mention these amazing cupcakes!
The burlap sacks were full of delicious taffy! The cupcakes came from a local bakery that I'm basically obsessed with, topped with delicious cherries!

Erin was so thoughtful in making all the decorations, everything she made (garland, tissue paper tassels, pom poms, etc) can and will be used in our wedding. I love that she did that! It meant so much...I instantly saw the decor and said "UM I'm totally reusing this!" ;)

Erin's lil collage pic of all the INCREDIBLE food. Yes, chick-fil-a nuggets made an appearance.

After some fun shower games (my grandma DOMINATED)...it was time to open presents! The only pictures I'll share today are the appropriate ones...come back tomorrow for some of the hilarious reactions I gave to my overly-embarrassing gifts!

I let my flower girl (who is my little cousin) help me open presents!

Look at that amazing canvas Erin got printed for us!!!!

Inside joke with some soon-to-be family...oh it got embarrassing.
Yellow towels!!! Thanks Erin!
Caleb's SWEET mammaw crotchet us this BEAUTIFUL blanket! Love the color :)

It truly was such a blast, I love every single last lady who came. I couldn't be more thankful I have each and every one of them in our lives. Caleb and I are sooo blessed beyond belief.

Funny story about the above picture -- that is Becca. I've introduced her on the blog before, and a few weeks back I revealed that she got ENGAGED! What was amazing was that right before this lil' picture was taken...she pulled me aside and "proposed" to me with a ringpop and asked if I'd be a bridesmaid in HER upcoming wedding, too! I can't even wait... :) its going to be beautiful!! 

This amazing gal and her momma got us two sweet bookcases we wanted! Woo!!
My grandma and I!
I spy some baby teeth!!!

Sweetest lil baby ever, Marie and I!
You all know Nora by now (below), if not...she is one of my Bridesmaid's daughters. Caleb and I love her like our own. We've watched her grow up...and I just love watching her develop into her own personality. Marie told me that she woke up the day of my shower and said "Kayla and Caleb are getting married like mommy and daddy?"& I think my heart just melted all over again. Love this little cuddle bug!

& that would be my flower girl, Maddie. She is just the sweetest, I have loved watching her grow up and I'm pretty sure that she is about as tall as me now... look at her! She's only 5...I'm going to guess she turns out to be a model tippin' the scales back at 99 pounds her whole life ;)

My shower was truly amazing... it is insane now that both my showers are behind me, and I can just look forward to my wedding. I really can't believe that two months from YESTERDAY Caleb and I will be saying our vows. Where the heck does time go!?!?

One last picture for the road...

Cupcake, anyone!?
Caleb and I got so many personal gifts, from a keepsake box, a hand-crotchet blanket, "bride & groom" Tervis Tumblers, to a huge blown up canvas of my favorite picture of Caleb and I. This shower was full of the most personal, heart touching gifts and I couldn't be more excited to fill our new home with all of them!

Thanks to everyone for being so excited for us through this journey, you're the best!


  1. Love this post!! What a great party!! (And I'm obsessed with that handmade blanket, what a wonderful gift!!) My showers are in June...I cant wait!! :)

  2. How sweet, sweet, sweet! Those cupcakes look to die for... my sweet tooth would be all over that. And canvas pictures are da bomb diggity. We got one for our shower too and have since turned certain wedding pictures into them. They just make me smile so much. :) That picture of you two is ADORABLE! It looks like you have been blessed with amazing families, congrats on everything girl!

  3. Aw so sweet! This looks like a perfect day. Glad you felt special and loved! :)

  4. there is just too much adorableness in this post! From the food, to you and erin, to your little ladies!!! So glad you had the best time! Your families sounds amazing :)

  5. Erin is the sweetest! What a fun shower, you are so lucky and blessed to have such great people in your life. It's almost WEDDING TIME!!

  6. LOVE it all! I have got to upload all my pics!!! ha.. Yay for your amazing wedding showers! I have 2 more and it's insane how excited I am for them both :)

  7. This shower looks perfect and I love all the decor!

  8. How wonderful that you two will officially be family soon! Lucky lucky.

  9. You are just surrounded by the most thoughtful loving people. What great gifts they got the two of you to start your life together.

  10. What a beautiful shower! I hope you enjoy every single item you get to start your new life together! :)

  11. What a darling shower. It's so wonderful that you got blessed by so many loving women. :-)

  12. Aww this looks like the best shower! I'm so glad you had a great time!! :)

  13. What a fun shower! So glad you had a great time and were blessed with so many thoughtful women!

  14. this is seriously the cutest shower ever!!! love it!

  15. Oh my goodness!!! Erin did an amazing job with your shower! The details are beautiful....beautiful shower for a beautiful bride!

    PS. What are those things in the "inside joke" picture?

  16. So so sweet! Loved everything about this post!

  17. Wow Erin did a fantastic job. Can I get that spread?! For just cause? Those cupcakes and pretty much everything look amazing. Including you girl! Gosh could you get anymore beautiful?! Unfair ;-)

    Okay I will be the person to ask--why is the door that says "please keep door closed" open?!? haha!!

  18. Awwwww! Looks like everything was just perfect! So beautiful!!!!! :)

  19. Just had my shower, too & my wedding is May 18!

    BEST WISHES! <3 :o)



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