Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Checking in!

So its now March 5th... which means most of us have given up on our "New Years Resolutions"...right?


I am proud of myself. Does it make me a total loser to say that I have stuck with my 3 main goals for this year?
1. Floss every night before bed.
2. Read my Bible every day.
& 3. Send snail mail once a month!

I can honestly say I have done every one of those. What blows my mind? I used to HATE flossing... like, with all of my being. Especially since I have that stupid permanent retainer on my bottom row, and I have to buy that expensive floss to even get to it.. I used to think why bother? Then I realized, hmm...I like my teeth...I'd like to keep my teeth.

I'm now more than 16% through with my Bible App that has me reading daily scripture so I can finish the entire Bible by day 365 of 2013. CAN'T WAIT. To me, that is a huge accomplishment. My faith is stronger than ever and I am finding so much more joy in the little things in life.

Sending snail mail once a month...? You betcha! I actually just mailed out an adorable little hand written note to my girl Kaitlyn because she is just so great. I am so excited about all the packages I've been sending, its just so fun to get REAL MAIL instead of an email/text...but don't get me wrong... I LOVE texting/emailing all my favorite blogger ladies out there... you know who you are!!

As far as working out goes... we haven't given up. As you know...back in February Caleb and I decided to start Insanity. We had to put that on hold for 4 days because he got really sick... so there have been a few off days...however! We are now 14 days into the 60 day program and I am ALREADY seeing results. I've dropped 5 pounds and I'm trying to eat cleaner. For the most part I am... but if anyone has the secret to NOT crave those cupcakes left in the office kitchen... please, let me in on it.

Or else I'm stuck staring at them like this hilarious dog above.

Its not much easier to say NO to my yummy favorites (cupcakes, candy, mountain dew on the DAAILYYY), but it will be worth it when its all over.

Gosh... my post-workout faces need some work.

We did do the fit test last night... and O-M-G. I talked to some of you yesterday about how bummed I'd be if I saw no improvement... I am excited to saaayyyy...

I IMPROVED ON EVERYTHING!!!! This is a HUGE deal to me... I really was slightly convinced that I my not improve. So after work I went straight to Caleb's. I intentionally left my results from the FIRST fitness test at home so I had nothing to compare it to. That way I'd go into this fit test "blind" and could compare numbers later. I came home, and was thrilled. The work outs suck... they really do. In the best way possible. I truly believe after this is over it will be the healthiest me I've ever seen.

How are you doing on what you set your mind too back on January 1??


  1. omg that dog!!! that face

    so exciting for keeping all your goals!

  2. Hmm I should look that up!! I am working out- I think I shall check :)

  3. Hahaha that dog! You and Caleb are totally awesome for sticking with Insanity and that is soo exciting you are seeing results!! :) This is a little late but I think I'm going to adopt your last resolution - I love snail mail!

  4. I used to be so good about flossing my teeth every night, but lately it's been every few nights. I looked all through my in-laws house for insanity and couldn't find it! I'm not giving up though.

  5. haha that last pic of you and caleb - crackin me up!
    way to go on those resolutions!

  6. My grandma always used to say "be true to your teeth or they'll be false to you!" so I always try to think about that whenever I don't feel like flossing haha and yay congrats on improving!! :)

  7. That is awesome! Seeing your hard work paying off is the best feeling! I need to work on the snail mail. That's something I've always wanted to do, but I don't ever get around to doing it.

  8. You go girl!! Those are hard goals to keep...but you're doing a great job. I feel ya on the whole flossing thing...I have the perma retainer on the bottom and it's insane how fast that expensive floss runs out.

    You know I have no secrets on how to stay away from cupcakes. Do you watch Sex and the City? If so, do you remember the episode where Miranda makes a cake, then starts eating the whole thing, and finally has to dump it in the trash can with dish soap all over it...that's so me.

  9. New-ish follower here! What Bible App do you use? I've been looking to try one out, but there are just so many.

  10. good for you!! so many people have dropped their resolutions by this point! way to go!

  11. 5 pounds?! You are a ROCKSTAR! So proud of you.

  12. I love your post workout faces! I've been looking at at-home workout DVDs to try but I'm not sure which to choose. I would love to do Insanity, but I don't have the disposable income for it right now.

  13. Way to stick to your resolutions. That's awesome!

    I absolutely love your blog and can't wait to read more.

    If you're interested, please stop by and say hello at my blog www.projectpaperie.blogspot.com I'd love to hear from you!

  14. Good for you girl!! You should be proud! I need to get better at flossing...I just hate it, but force myself to do it randomly. And I happen to love your work out faces. Haha.

  15. You go girl, 5 lbs and flossing!! I totally understand on the sweets....i made a cake the other day with intentions of taking it to work...nope it stayed here and we ate it all.

  16. This is such a happy post! Congratulations on sticking to your resolutions ! :)

  17. Wow, you're making great progress! I am currently reading the Bible, too. Some parts of it might seem out-dated for our time but I think it's interesting that it's content has withstood generations and generations of fads and changes.


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