Thursday, March 7, 2013

A true throwback

So, I searched for my old Myspace a few weeks ago... and absolutely couldn't remember my password. Do you want to know what I finally figured out was my password?!
(this just proves I'm a fat girl at heart...)

Okay, so I did go through an Otis Spunkemeyer stage back in breakfast period of high school... judge me.

Anywho... lets change THAT subject! I began looking at all my pictures...ughh. I'm more motivated than ever to get that my 17 yr old body back. Caleb keeps reminding me that I wasn't "a women" yet... pffft. Now I guess I just have "more to love" (which PS- is an actual "body type" choice on Myspace!).

Basically all I could find on there were silly things from my last year of high school...and my prom dress. I only went to ONE prom all of high school... and dress shopping for it went very well for me. I saw the dress, tried it on... and knew it was "the one".

You know I needed a diva pose... you like my multi colored walls?
Since we're on the "throwback" subject....I'll take you into my past a little bit ;)

Yeah, I went through a short hair stage... a REALLY short hair stage.
I keep wondering if I should go back after the wedding? I truly don't think long hair is for me...its SO hard to keep up with, and just gets more expensive to get colored... gaaah.

Then there is a tiiiny album when I met Caleb... can you all believe Myspace was still around!?

There he is...forcing me to eat an entire elephant ear...okay, I took it willingly. Carnival food is my crack.

There we are being super hotttt at our first concert together...we weren't even together yet ;)

Apparently I wasn't eating enough...

Continuing to look at the profile section of my Myspace...oh lord
The first song on my Myspace playlist is; Jason Derulo "Watcha Say"... lordy.

My bio;
 I work in the mall, and eat way too much food. I have been blessed with a great boyfriend; Caleb Magness. He is amazing! I also have thee best friends ever, they are always there for me..... Photography is my passion and my lifelong goal is to own a successful Photography Business on my own. I'm a little too obsessed with strawberry cheesecake and milkshakes. If you ever need anything; get at me!

Get at me?!! Who am I?


I bet in 15 years I'll look back at my Facebook and crack up at myself. But, that keeps people humble I think... learning to laugh at yourself.

Happy Thursday everybody!


  1. hahaha yesssss i love looking at old pics of myself!

  2. Hahaha I would love to find my old myspace - that's how Peter and I first communicated! Your short hair looks so good on you!! And I'm glad you have more than one picture of Caleb stuffing food in your face haha!

  3. Hahaha I love looking at my old myspace! Let's just say that I'm glad that I've changed since those days haha. Your short hair looks cute! I always have the same dilemma, why can't hair grow back in like a day?!

  4. hahahah this is great! Love it.. I never had a myspace but wonder if I could find my xanga?! LOL

  5. Hahahah watcha say as your first playlist song! Get at me! Too funny. I loooove looking back at how silly I used to be. & I LOVE your short hair!

  6. Love this post!!! I love logging into myspace and laughing at all my old pictures too, and sometimes I wonder why I thought it would be cool to post such a ridiculous picture of myself! lol. Muffins is an awesome password, mine was irule, imagine how cool I thought I was? I love ths short hair by the way, its super cute!

  7. i often think i will roll my eyes at my blog and Facebook in another year or two. oh well, at least we are having fun in the present! ;) also, girl you are ROCKING that short hair! love it

  8. This is too funny! So I totally had to go figure out how to get into my old MySpace. And wow! I like your long hair, but you look precious with short hair, too!

  9. Hahaha I love this. I can't find my old Myspace. I had it really protected and private because I was way too worried about creepers haha! But I love your pictures. And your prom dress is so pretty!

  10. best post EVA! learning to laugh at yourself is the best thing ever.

    annnnnd I only went to one prom and my walls were pink and green, too!

  11. I love the tan and the hair in that first pic! Classy!

  12. hahaha it's always great to look back at stuff from the past. I love your prom dress, and your short haircut is really cute!

  13. hahaha!!! love the password. Not a thing wrong with loving some muffins :-)

    OK....can we also talk about how TAN you are in that picture?! remember my goal for the summer?

    I kinda love you with short hair. I say chop it after the wedding!

  14. I love all the funny things you can find when looking back through past "online life"! I recently looked way far back on my facebook and found weird wall posts between me and my friends about inside jokes that don't even make sense any more :P

    - Carrie

  15. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I love this whole post, but I just can't get passed the muffins password! My crush on you just grew a million percent!

  16. I love your short hair! It makes me want to go chop even more of mine off. hehe I miss you!!! OMG just commenting made me remember your for a notification! LOVE YOU! You make me smile!

  17. I just found your blog and I have to say, you are so stinkin' adorable! I feel like you're just talking to me, which is my favorite type of blog to read! I just started following your log, I'm excited to keep reading it! :)

  18. love the idea of throwback posts! how fun to look at old pictures!

  19. Gosh, Myspace. I deleted my account ages ago. So fun to look back through all your old photos.

  20. Oh my goodness. I am impressed you can still log into your account! I deleted mine after I broke up with my college/ high school boyfriend. Smart decision. both deleting and breaking up ;) Would be funny to look back at now though. Your pictures are hilarious.

  21. That throwback picture is still all sorts of awesome... :)

    Pearls & Paws

  22. Haha I love junior high and high school throwbacks. I wish I could get into my myspace account but I can't remember the password, so sad I know there had to be some really embarrassing little gems on there!



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