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Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines daaay {re-cap}

Caleb and I never really go "all out" for Valentines Day, I mean... in all honesty, it is just another day of the year... marked by cupid ;)
But we still like to do a little something.

This year, we decided to make it a really low-key night at my house with my family (romantic, I know). He came over, and we exchanged gifts.

Pleeease excuse my mess of a room, yes those are gym shoes, a camera bag, pajama shorts, and a stuffed elephant you will find scattered on the floor. Can you spot them all? ;)
I got him a card, some Reese's Hearts, two magazines, and I hand made him a little coupon book good starting in May! Here are some of the coupons I included;

The first night we hung out together, we met at Taco Bell, got Mango Strawberry Fruitista's and cinnamon swirls and ate them in his car, and stayed there until 4 AM just talking. It was basically amazing

There were PLENTY of others, I just chose to share a few! ;)

 After I gave him his gift, he gave me mine!

A fitted womens Nike A.J. Green Bengals jersey!!! :) my first one EVER!! I was pumped.

After that, we did Insanity

These must be our game faces.
After, we changed out of our work out clothes, washed up a bit, and went downstairs to enjoy dinner with my grandparents, and my younger brother who invited his girlfriend over, too. We had dinner by candle light, it really was so precious.

After dinner we got some alone time by catching up on some of our favorite shows, you know... cleared up some space off the ole' DVR. Although it was relaxing, it was the perfect Valentine's Day. 

Happy Monday, friends.
How was your weekend?


  1. Your Valentine's day is so sweet!
    Low-key is sometimes the best way to go :)

  2. your handwriting is so pretty! and your jersey looks awesome!!!! so glad they make jerseys in women sizes now so we can look extra cute while cheering on our favorite teams! :)

  3. Your gift is so sweet! I think low key Valentine's are the best. Why not just celebrate love everyday? :)

  4. I LOVE everything about this day! Pretty much what I like all of our valentines days to look like. Low-key is the way to go for me.

    And I spy a target box...filled with registry items?! Exciting!!

  5. I want to create a Taco Bell date night with you! That sounds creepy, but I'm not even kidding. You KNOW my love the the Bell :)

    And I also got my first jersey recently from Glennda! It's a UT Vols (duh) #16 Peyton Manning jerz!!! Mah man! I love y'all's super sweet Valentine's Day and how you don't feel the pressure to "go all out." It's so overrated! Love you, sweet girl. Have a great week!

  6. i think i spy a glass of reisling ;) sounds like the perfect thing to do--as long as it is spending time together it's fun!

  7. i love this coupon book. yes. and love low key valentine's perfect!! reese's hearts are my faveeee!

  8. Oh that sounds like a lovely Valentine's Day! And for next Valentine's Day you'll be an old married couple!! I hope you had a great weekend too :)

  9. what a perfect Valentines Day! Definitely not lame to spend it w. your family, they're loved ones! :)

    I love the coupon book!

  10. Love that you and I get to rock matching jerseys next season togetherrrr :) Yay!!

    PS- You know Jared will forever claim he had something to do with the Taco Bell meet up ;)

  11. I'm now craving Reeses hearts. Glad you had a nice Valentine's Day!

  12. I love your homemade coupon book! I will be keeping that in mind for my mans birthday or next v-day :) Seems like a perfect day to me!

  13. Love love love that coupon book! So stink'n cute! :)


  14. Love it and the coupon book!! :) I may make a new one next year since Chris didn't use his! But it was in a jar mixed with 100 reason's why I love you and 50 IOU's! :) haha... He says he'll pull it out one day but that was given last vday sooo we shall see!!

  15. This looks perfect and your coupon book turned out great!

  16. Oh, gosh, so cute!

    P.S. Reece's are the way into my heart too! Yummy! ;)

  17. sounds like such a sweet valentines day, lady! xo

  18. Umm...first off, they have Reese's hearts???!

    This sounds like the most absolute perfect Valentine's Day. It really does.

  19. Reese Hearts/Eggs/Chritmas Trees = THE BEST THINGS EVER! So much better than normal Reese's in my book!

    And I love all the cute coupons you made! I feel like most people make very cliche coupon books with all the typical things you'd expect to find in there, but your's are original and unique to you two as a couple; I love it!

    - Carrie

  20. you guys are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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