Friday, February 8, 2013


Um. So talk about a surprise.

I was planning on casually strolling into work right on time, getting on with the days meetings, I check my email, & sweet Taylor from The Daily Tay & also (in collaboration with super cute Whitney from I wore Yoga Pants) The Browse sent me an exciting email that I was chosen for BLOGGER OF THE WEEK! 

Me?!?! You shouldn't have ;)

No but seriously, how fun?!?!?! I'm so excited about this! Its so cool to know that so many of you come back each and every day to read the nonsense that I'm usually talking about! I seriously love that I get to talk about whatever the heck I want, usually random, mostly silly, but always me, and you all just accept it.


Since this is a first for me, I decided lets keep with the tradition of firsts going! I'm linking up for the first time ever for....


Dear Friday, you got here quicker than usual... and I can't say I'm mad about it! Dear bloggy BFF'S, you know who you are. You keep my heart pumping. I love our late night texts, snail mail & packages, planning meet-ups and sharing real life moments with each other. Dang, sounds like Caleb's got some fierce competition! Dear Valentines Day, why am I completely unprepared for you this year?! Typically, I'm all over you like a hotcake... however, this year seems like Caleb is winning that award. Dear mattress, you have to stop being so darn comfy, you almost make me miss work every day. Dear Insanity, I know we've been slacking. But Caleb's knee needs to be back at 100% before I'll risk it again! Dear little red bikini, I will rock you this summer. I promise (if Shaun T has anything to say about it). Dear Erin & Lyndsie, thanks to you two, I am over the moon excited about both of my upcoming Bridal Showers. Cannot even WAIT! Dear flower girl, your mom and I are taking you out for breakfast tomorrow, shopping for your adorable dress tomorrow, and treating you like a princess all day long. Dear YOU, you are loved.

Thanks again for always sticking around and reading my lil' space that I love so dearly. As Drake would say: you daaa bessst.


  1. congrats pretty girl! great way to top off your week!

  2. Yayyy happy friday!! Have a great weekend :)

  3. Ok clearly you're a better blogger than me because I don't even know what the browse is?! Haha- off to stalk!

  4. congrats darlin!!! SO pumped. Umm totally there on slacking on VDAY this year.. whoops!

  5. Congratulations, beautiful girl!! You deserve it! And you ALWAYS have the best weeks ever, because you're just so amazing :)

  6. Ok, disregard my did see it!! So excited for you.

    Yes, Caleb has some fierce competition :)

    I'm working Valentine's Day night...isn't that a bummer? But Safe Haven comes out, right? So excited for that!

  7. Congratulations! You are the best blogger!

  8. Congratulations! How exciting! Your blog is pretty sweet and your so called nonsense is always fun to read:) Have fun with your flower girl tomorrow that sounds like a fun day!

  9. Oh my gosh! Congrats! How awesome! They are both awesome (in my eyes bloggy celebs) to be noticed by! You rock! Well deserved!


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