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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A few faves!

Its Thursday! Not only is it Thursday, its the LAST day of the month... and you knowwww what that means.

I'm linking up with my girl Ashley for my favorite things of February! I love this idea, and this is probably like the 6th time I've linked up for it... its just such a fun post to write!

So, here goes... my favorite things this month have been...

1. Cuties.
I mean honestly, when are these not my favorite things? If I'm hands are orange stained from just peeling one of these suckers. Ugh, so good.

2. This guy.
Again, when is he NOT a favorite of mine? However... this month was a little emotional for me. Stress from work that I took home with me, stress from my personal life, and just carrying around too many burdens that don't belong to me... he alwaaaays knows how to cheer me up. Not even kidding... last Sunday? I think I had a mini panic attack (is that TMI?!), and he told me to put on my coat, and drove me to Dunkin Donuts.  Uh... he's amazing.

3. Every one of my bridesmaids.
They officially ALL have their dresses picked out and on their way. I wish I could give you a sneak peek... but I think that I'll make you suffer, hehe.

4. Engagements!
Speaking of bridesmaids, one of them got engaged on Tuesday!! Of all days, Tuesday is also her birthday! What a day to remember. This is her adorable, unique, and fantastic engagement ring.

5. Insanity
Did you really expect me not to put Shaun T on here? I still hate him... but I will love him when this is all over. Tonight is day 11! YAY. you know who is NOT on my favorite list?? Freaking Tonya... from his Insanity videos. She just thinks she's so tough and awesome... well honey, you're not!

6. My planner.
I bought it from Target for $9.99 at the start of the year, and this thing is just still so cute and durable. I figured it might fall apart easily because of the price... but nope. Ha -- did I expect anything less from my favorite store on the planet?!

7. Game nights with our faves.
At least once a month Caleb and I hang out with some of our besties and have a game night. You know what is SUPER annoying though? Neither Erin or I can EVER win. I hate you MR. MONOPOLY!

Who? Me?!?
Just kidding... I love that freaking game! I probably always will, too!

8. My Bride bag.
I got this from my first Bridesmaid when I got engaged...I seriously use it for like everything. Even for workout clothes... because lets be honest, I'm "sweatin' for the wedding" ;)


So there you have it, just a few things that I've loved from the shortest month of the year!

Tomorrow is THEEEE DAY. Caleb and I get keys to our brand-spankin-new apartment!!! AAHH. I can't even wait to see it, to make it ours, to decorate... yaay!
PS- In case you didn't know... tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!


  1. Who is not in love with Cuties? So good! Ok you are really making me want to do p90x or insanity now. Maybe my husband and I will start it. Yay for getting keys to your apartment. That's always exciting.

  2. Cuties - they're cute and delicious. What's not to love? :)

  3. Cuties are everything I hate about oranges. Easy to peel and small. I could eat like 8 of them. :)
    Ah, insanity. You're an all star. Could not do it.

  4. I've seen the commercials but haven't tried cuties yet! You and Caleb are just awesome - so sweet he knows exactly how to cheer you up without fail! we just got a dunkin donuts on campus and my roommate Kelly goes at least 4 times a week..sometimes every day! have fun seeing your new home!!!!! :)

  5. My thumb nail is pretty much permanently orange from peeling cuties! And we love doing game night with friends! I've been wanting to plan a "Minute to Win It" themed game night because I have been seeing some fun ideas for games on pinterest lately...Happy last day of February :)

  6. Haha okay..... I hate oranges, any kind of them. I'm sorry ;)

    I HATE Tonya, she totally cheats on her workouts and acts like she is rocking it. Loser!

  7. that ring is gorgeous- so different. i love cuties! now i want one!

  8. Well how twinny of us, I'm sitting here eating Cuties while reading this!

  9. I love Cuties. All day, errrday, errrrrwhere girl! :)

  10. there's always a girl in the fitness videos who act like the burn doesn't get to them. i dislike them. haha. sorry you had a stressful month, but big kuddos to your guy. i mean who doesn't love dunkin donuts. and finally congrats to your friend! love her engagement ring!

  11. Oh my gosh, I love cuties! And I hate Tonya! Haha she is so annoying.

  12. awe great favorites!! I have a bride bag and I love mine as well :) YAY for weddings!!

  13. Her ring really is pretty. Congrats to her!

    Ok...I'm laughing so hard...why does everyone hate Tanya...I kind of hate them all, but why her? Hahaha!!

    And yes, you do have a great man.

    Love you, girl!

  14. Lovely post + pictures! Great blog you have here. I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx

  15. This is a cute post and I'm OBSESSED with cuties!

  16. Tell me more about your workout. Looks tough but good. Cuties go into everyone's lunch every day around here. What's not to love? Compact, yummy, own packaging :-)

    Hang in there with the exercise- it'll be worth it on the big day!

    Happy March (&new apartment)

    Ashley Rane Sparks

  17. I love me some cuties!!

    Can't wait to see those bridesmaid dresses

    And of course, you know you picked a winner when he knows exactly what you need! What a great guy.

  18. thank ring is so unique! i love it. and i love your feb list. one month down closer to your wedding! can you tell i am so excited to read more about it?

  19. Hahaha I feel the same way about Tonya!!!


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