Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This is just the first half

Can you believe I had six straight days off work?! I mean, I can't. Today is the sixth day, and I am going bridesmaid dress shopping with two of my ladies to find what makes them look their best.. and lets get real, either of them could wear an old rag and make it work beautifully ;) but, backing up on the first three days of my mini fun filled 6 day break from work.

Caleb and I left our town to head for Columbus to hang out with some awesome friends from college and eat way too much food.

This is me all "first day off work, wooo!"
Caleb and our friend (and a soon-to-be father!) Pat!

We played a little white elephant game, which turned into an hour of cracking up with these hilarious boys.

Yes, I ended up with the awesome Doodie Darts... 
The gorgeous gal in red and black is the wife of the soon-to-be daddy. She is 12 weeks! Eek!

Again, my man cleans up awfully well. and goodness he is handsome. After a fun evening there, we had a super fun evening planned with Caleb's brother/sister in law and we caroled at his mamaw's house first. She is so precious, is she not?

& after this we headed out to a local church's annual play called "Awaited", and we had a blast with them. Obviously!

I think the volunteer from the staff that volunteered to take this picture had never held a camera in his life. Bless his heart. So, we had to B&W this one!

excuse the mop on my head, girl needs a hair cut ;)
& last but not least... we celebrated Christmas a little early with Caleb's immediate side of the family. It was a blast, to say the least.

Cute Erin, ya'll know heerrr ;) we decided this weekend we only say ya'll when we mean serious business. & this girl is seriously awesome.

Its called superstition, and it works. & yes, they all yelled at me for almost not putting my hands up in time.
The Bengals were playing in Pittsburgh this weekend, and the game was a call-filled stressful few hours. Good thing we pulled out a WIN!!

Sorry (that I am not sorry) for the picture overload, and not so many words. I haven't taken this many shots in 19 years. ;) so, deal! Hope you all had the BEST Christmas ever, and don't forget the real reason for the season.

I'll be back again with the second half of my awesome 6-day work break.

Merry Christmas from us, to you :)


  1. Who Dey!! Looks like such a great Christmas. I can't wait to see what your ladies' dresses look like! :)

  2. 6 days is incredible!!! I know you've been loving every minute.

    I can't wait to see what your bridesmaids dresses look like!! Ahhh!!!

  3. Super cute!! Hope you had an amazing holiday<3

    ox from NYC!


  4. soo jealous of your 6 days off! that is amazing! looks like you had a blast! you are too cute!

  5. Hooray for time off work!! Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas (your last one as a "single" lady!!!) I didn't get to see Awaited this year, but I've seen it at least 3 other times and LOVE IT!

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday!

  7. such a cute pics, you have had a lot of fun!!
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    xox Marika

  8. aghh i have about the same time off from work, and i am ecstatic! looks like you had a wonderful happy you did! :)

  9. This looks like SOOOOO much fun. Sadly I don't have work right now, but i'm scouting for jobs. So funny how you can't wait to be off and I can't wait to find one! HA!

  10. Just found your blog from His Little Lady. Love it!
    New follower! Follow me back too?

  11. you are so cute!

    I am back at work starting today and I am MISERABLE. jealous of you.

  12. New follower :)

    And I follow Erin as well! What a small world!

  13. Yay for amazing vacations!! And yay for babies on the way, Erin's super intense face while sending the bengals good luck vibes, and your beautiful face!

  14. Aww, how awesome that you have such great friends & family!


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