Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ornament swap!


This year, I saw that Meg over at Henning Love was hosting an ornament swap along with some other lovely ladies. I knew immediately I wanted to take part. I got partnered up with Nicole over at The Shea's and after a while we got to talking! She really is so sweet and she is also from South Carolina, my second favorite state after (duh) Ohio.

She ended up sending me one that represented her hometown, its adorable. I love palm trees! The SC palm tree/moon logo is like my favorite ever. Just makes me happy!

Since I couldn't find any cute ornaments in any stores around me, I decided to hop over to Anthropologie's website... and I found this little gem that was shipped to her:

So yellow, so bright, so HAPPY!

I'm excited to continue getting to know Nicole and link-up and see everyone else's beautiful and creative ornament choices!

Happy Wednesday, I am so excited about some of my upcoming posts.. as you know -- if you follow me on either Instagram or twitter -- Caleb scored us an advanced screening to see Les Miserables (my favorite story ever!) oh my... it was fantastic!! Can't wait to tell you all about our fun night, and introduce you to some of my bridesmaids later this week. Yay for fun!


  1. ohhh so pretty! I love the anthropologie ornament you gave her, soo pretty!!

  2. very cute! I participated in the swap too :) I'm so glad to hear Les Mis was good - I cannot wait to see it.

  3. Gorgeous!! Love that palm tree. Thanks so much for joining in all the fun :)

    Happy day!

  4. These are both so darling!!! This idea was so much fun =)

  5. Go figure... you sent a yellow ornament!! ;) So cute. An ornament swap sounds so fun!

  6. And you grew up vacationing in SC!! How awesome is that?

    Love that the ornament you gave represented YOU as well.

  7. I love that Palmetto State ornament!! Obviously I need to find one for myself :)

  8. AGHHHH LES MIS! it is our favorite musical too :) i am so jealous you get to see an advanced screening! we are planning to see it opening day. can't wait. let us know how it is...although i am sure it is amazing!!!

  9. You sent her an ANTHRO ornament? Okay, you are awesome! And it's perfect because it's your blog name (which I'm sure is part of the reason you chose it haha). Anyways- such a cute idea! Love both of the ornaments!

  10. Aww, I love both of these, but the SC one is adorable (I'm a bit biased)! :-)


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