Saturday, December 8, 2012

Last weekend..

Last weekend was a lot of things, mostly rough... so thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. I was shown SO much love I can't thank you all enough.

Under the circumstances, our annual $5 Christmas day still happened. Grandpa Charlie would've loved to have been there. What was really cool, was that he had already bought his $5 gifts to hand out... so we let his children have them (Caleb's dad, and Caleb's aunt Teresa). It was a special moment to watch.

I think when families go through things like this, its best to stick together. & sticking together is just what we did :) we had a blast all day... relaxing and eating way too much food. Oh, and you can't forget the football game, that we won!

My soulmate, Erin ;) excuse my nasty hair... but aint that giirl PURDY!

The day before that (last Saturday) I did another shoot for my gorgeous friend Seka... Her little girl Sela was too much fun to play around with too, I've missed them lots since our last shoot.

As you can see she is expecting again, within 4 weeks! Eek! I am so excited, her little boy will be named Asa. So stinking cute. I had a blast shooting with them last Saturday.

Is she a hot momma or what?!

Anyway... there is my weekend update, I know... I'm so delayed. Buuuuut hang in there. More fun to come, promise.


  1. baby leg warmers!
    such your photography.

  2. omg i hate you. you are so damn cute and those little beebee leg warmers? i die. adorbs.

    have an amazing Saturday. as i drink tonight i will think of you just like you did for me earlier this week :D

    no i don't capitalize letters. i am a boss, i don't need to!!

  3. Baby leg warmers?! Love!! I'm so glad your family still held its tradition. I'm sure it helped everyone so much.

  4. love your polka dot sweater girlie!! gorgeous pictures!!

  5. I'm glad you have your family! and what great pictures - so cute!

  6. So happy that you were still able to get together with your family and have a happy time, despite the circumstances! That day will be a special memory forever I'm sure! :)

  7. So sweet that you could still hand out Grandpa Charlie's gifts to the kids. That is pretty special.

    Love your photos as always. So candid and fun. :)

  8. Awesome pics! Love that you shared some. Also, I might be in love with that polka dot sweater...

  9. What are you talking about!? Your hair looks good! Sit me next to both of you and talk about who has the bad hair day!

  10. I'm so glad your family got stronger from this experience.

    You look incredible as usual...and love that sweater :-)

  11. love your polka dot sweater and wow those maternity pics are SO good<3


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