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Friday, November 30, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things!

Today I'm linking up with the beautiful Ashley over at Dancing with Ashley! I love the one day a month I can link up with her, such a fun idea!! Here gooooeees:

#1. My camera strap. My girl Lyndsie got me this on my birthday. I finally have begun putting it to good use, I think I was nervous about it getting dirty... but the point IS to use it! I have two huge family photo shoots this Saturday so I'm glad I finally put it on my camera!
#2. My favorite mug that my Erin got me from my favorite store I can afford nothing from ;) Anthropologie.
#3. The ABC Family movie schedule came out this month, you knowwww I've got it saved to every computer I own, as well as my phone.. and will be trying to watch as many as possible. 
#4. Probably my favorite thing about the holiday season... anything peppermint. In particular, these little guys. Not kidding I've bought two bags already, but this ends now. I have to get in shape to look killer on my wedding day! Yes please!!
#5. MucinexDM. Unfortunately this IS something I love.. and only because I'm getting a HORRIBLE sore throat and I can barely swallow water my throat feels so swollen. Hoping to kick it before it gets any worse.
#6. Thanksgiving fun with my soon-to-be flower girl :)

#7. My gym shoes. Hitting the pavement only once this week. Sadly, but hey.. better than none at all I guess.

#8. My new running jacket Caleb basically forced me to buy at H&M. Only $10, baby!

#9. My sweet Great Grandma Agnes at Thanksgiving. She is the sweetest. :)

and last but DEFINITELY not least....

#10. SEEING BREAKING DAWN PART 2! ommgg... go now if you haven't already!

So, there you have it. Those are a few of my "favorite things" from the month of November. Can't wait to see what December has in store for me!! You guys should link up too, I'd love to hear what some of your favorites are, too! 

Happy Friday, friends!!


  1. Breaking Dawn Pt 2 was sooo good! Those movies are my guilty pleasure. :)

  2. first, thank you for the abc Christmas specials list! haha, and love that camera strap!

  3. Stopping by from the link up...I love the 25 days of Christmas movies!! And I also love anything and everything peppermint-y. Have you had the peppermint M&M's?! They're sooo yummy! Love all your pictures.

  4. LOVE those Anthro mugs! I lust over them every time I go in there. And every time I don't buy jack squat because their prices are stupid high.
    And that camera strap is too cute! Hope your photo shoots go well :)

    Happy weekend, babe!

  5. I had only seen the first Twilight movie, and I saw it right when it first came out. I had read all of the books, and the movie was just awful (in my opinion) so I never saw the others. Then, after Breaking Dawn Part Two came out, I saw how everyone was just RAVING about it. And I was curious to see Bella's wedding in Part One. So, we had a Twilight Marathon at home and went to the theater to see BDP2. It was AMAZING. Oh my gosh! I cannot stop thinking about it. Haha. It made me sad, though, because I want forever with my hubby! Anyway, I'm being silly..

    Cute post! Cute camera strap & coffee cup.

  6. Love the camera strap! And girl I browsed Anthropologie the other day, and wish I hadn't. Can't afford anything I really wanted!

  7. Awesome pics :) I lovedddd breaking dawn it was awesome

  8. Anything for YOU my dear ;) Glad you are enjoying that mug!!

  9. love love the initial mug, we own one for both my husband and i! i feel so fancy when i drink from that mug

  10. I need a cute camera strap like that!

    I definitely just pinned that ABC Family Schedule. Nerd alert over here!

    I hope you feel better soon :(

  11. How could I forget about Breaking Dance Part II when I wrote my post??? Definitely one of my favorites from this month :)

  12. Aww, hope you feel better soon - sore throats are the worst! I love peppermint flavored things too - right now I am snacking on red and green mint m&m's :)

  13. these are so cute! love your anthro cup :)

  14. I love your running jacket, I need a new one like last week!! and I am SO glad you posted the aBC movie schedule I was just telling the hubs I wanted to get a copy of it!

  15. girlfriend, we could be soulmates ... LOVE the christmas show schedule, those hershey kisses, and that camera strap! i neeeeeed. found you from southern living our way! would you be interested in doing a button swap? mine is on my page. if you are interested, you can click my sponsor button and upload your button via passionfruit, or just email me, and I will copy the code manually.
    i hope you have a wonderful weekend! gotta get me some of those kisses. they look delish! :)

  16. So, the way you titled this post is just awesome b/c I love love love the Sound of Music! That camera strap is to die for! And Twilight, let's just say I'm thinking about buying the DVD, which is so not me...crazy good!!!

  17. I love ABC Family's line up! I'm so excited for it!!

  18. Oh my gosh. Saving the Christmas lineup immediately!


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