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Saturday, November 17, 2012


I remember turning 15... I had some ginormous sleepover with my friends. We moved the couches and basically set up camp in the living room watching Lizzie McGuire and eating sour patch kids until our stomachs hurt. Those were some fun memories. Well, yesterday as you know... it was my brothers fifteenth birthday!! So, you knowww we celebrated.

My grandpa made homemade wings. SO delish!

Caleb and I got Brandon a silly card. As a couple, we are known for this. So naturally, when we saw the dino-mite FIRST bday boy... we HAD too. Just a little pencil work was needed ;)

Caleb, and my cousin Nicholas... who just loves him.

I basically licked the icing off, ate the candy letters and called it quits. Trying to be good!!
This is my cousin, Maddie.. our precious flower girl.
I made him wear the sash I got on my 21st birthday. "Another year of Fabulous!"

Guess what today is? Caleb and I are doing our registries for our wedding! AH. I can't even believe it :)


  1. happy 15th to your bro!!!
    registering is stressful. ummm hmm.

  2. happy birthday to your brother!! I miss the days of sleepovers and birthday parties too!!

  3. Yay....enjoy registering!!!! Love that pic of you and Caleb! Happy Birthday to your bro...awesome sash!!! :)

  4. Oh wow!! Soooo beautiful photos!! :)

  5. Another year of fabulous!!! Love it.

    Happy Birthday to Brandon!

  6. Happy birthday to Brandom and those wings look amazing!!!

  7. Happy belated birthday Brandon!! ;) Love the livestrong jacket you guys got him!!


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