Sunday, September 30, 2012

A welcome home

Caleb's cousin (may as well call him a brother) Dillan came home from Afghanistan and on his way home from the airport yesterday, his entire street was lined with random strangers, neighbors, friends and family.. hands full of balloons, signs, flags and more. It was such a beautiful and overwhelming site. I really can't explain how incredible it is when you have that many people full of so much love around you. If you are from Cincinnati, you probably know how strongly active the Yellow Ribbon Support Center is, and them, along with our County Commissioner, Bob Proud, rallied up some people to welcome our great friend home. I will leave you with some pictures to see how amazing the turnout was.

These photos make me want to cry all over again, but praise God for keeping our Dillan safe!! I thank Him so often for watching over him. Dillan was awarded a purple heart while on his tour overseas, for helping some fellow soldiers rush to safety during multiple attacks. He truly is our hero :)

Happy Sunday all, what are you thankful for?

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  1. What a beautiful welcome home!!! I know everyone is so excited Dillan is home and safe!


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