Friday, December 5, 2014

The weekend is here!!!!!

It's FRIDAYYY! Tonight, Caleb and I finally get to have some quality time with my college roomie and her fiancé! We love them and can't wait to just spend the evening laughing our butts off!

Tomorrow we'll be wishing our friends, Reese + Renee, the happiest wedding day ever, from afar. We're really sad we can't make the trek up to Celina for it, but we'll be there in spirit! Renee and I met through Instagram, she emailed me around 4AM saying she had been reading my blog almost all night and the similarities between us were too great NOT to say hi! So we obviously became instant friends, but the night she and Reese drove to Cincinnati and we had sushi and talked for hours, I knew these were two amazing, genuine, God-loving people I needed in my life. Then in October, they volunteered to do some bridal shots of Caleb and I and when we showed up, Reese prepared nearly 17 slabs of ribs, and even watched an entire Bengals game (and he's a Buc's fan!).  Did I mention that's the first time they had met Caleb? We all felt like we'd known each other for years! These two are going to make my heart really sad when they move to Hawaii come May, but I know they will be SO successful in their business!
We can't wait to see all the photos from this day! Woohoo!
This was a good week for Caleb and I, no huge plans but lots and lots of editing was done. I may or may not have had a grilled cheese for dinner 3 times... #dontjudgeme

We fit in two solid runs and I'm proud of that. I wanted to run three times, but hey, that's life. I ran about 6 miles with those two runs and my new shoes are AMAZING. I can seriously tell a huge difference while I run. I feel less like I'm stomping and more like I'm running...that sounds odd but it makes sense in my head :) I'm really excited to continue progressing in my running. I can run 3 miles now without stopping...don't get me wrong, its still tough. BUT - I'm getting better!

HELP! Any of you have any nice stretching routines? That might sound silly but I think that's part of my problem. I don't stretch enough before/after a workout and I get really bad cramps in my legs/hips from time to time. I need that to stop!

I hope you all had a really great week! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. If you have time at all to work in some yoga daily, you will see a HUGE change in how you feel after a run. I started yoga in August and it's been all the difference in how I feel after my runs. Give it a try, promise it works!

  2. How sweet is that?!? You look gorgeous in that picture!! Woo hoo for running 6 miles this week!!! Loving the new shoes!

  3. Are those Brooks? I need some new running shoes sooo badly (why aren't there 4 Christmases a year??) and have thought about Brooks. They are pretty stylish there----so fancy! :)

    I do basic stretches that I use in my dance classes and some yoga stretches to open up my hips, buuuut I'm also pretty bad with remembering to stretch and actually stretching. Oops!

  4. Love your new running shoes! So cute.

  5. Have a blastttttt this weekend!!! ;) I think Brooks will be my next running shoe-- once I wear these guys out!

  6. Have a great weekend!!!! :) I would also recommend doing yoga! It feels so good and has made a difference for me! Check out Erin Motz's videos on youtube, she has a 30 day challenge and the videos are only 17-18 minutes long!

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  8. Running shoes do make a great difference. I'm still telling myself to be fully invested in the gym before making any purchases. Beautiful picture on top! Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I ALWAYS have to stop on the treadmill because the outsides of my calves are cramping. Ugh. I know I should stretch more beforehand, but when I actually have the energy and will to get going, I feel like I need to get going ASAP or I'll change my mind. Haha...


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