Thursday, December 4, 2014

This is not a list of goals...I think.

It seems that lately, when I sit down to write a giant list of things I'd like to accomplish in any given amount of time...I end up failing at those things. Last month was an epic fail for the most part (although I got back in the gym a little bit), so with this new month of December I decided to list out all the great things we have planned for this month. Rather than goals where I need to keep track of my stats, miles, posts, etc...I'm deciding to just make a list full of upcoming fun (with old pictures).

-A visit to Columbus. We have an exciting night planned with some friends in Columbus. They've invited us to stay at their place and take us to the zoo! I'm so beyond excited. Caleb and I have never been to the zoo together since we've been together! So I'm really excited to wrap up and spend an evening outside, enjoying the lights and animals with him and our friends, Andy and Megan.

-Consultations with newly engaged couples. Yeah, this is technically considered "work", but I'm excited to continue booking 2015 couples! Our expectations for next year have already been exceeded and its insanely exciting, but really scary.

-A day of baking goodies with some of my favorite women. Next Saturday, I've coordinated a little get together with a few of my favorite ladies for a morning full of baking our favorite Christmas goodies. We'll all bring a little something to contribute to the baking and watch The Holiday together, because hello, no Saturday morning in December is complete without that movie.

Two company holiday parties. Both of them are on the same weekend this year. Although they are both fun, our work parties are totally different. His work party is all about dancing, prizes, tickets, and raffles...where mine is a little more low key but with the most amazing, amazing food. That meal is like a top 5 highlight of our year...we're talking bacon wrapped scallops, filet mignon, butterflied shrimp, etc. My mouth is already watering. Anyway, both parties have a different vibe and we're actually pretty excited about both of them!

Shooting a Winter wedding! We're pretty excited. I'll be the first to admit, its been nice having a bit more free time in the "off-season", but I'm really excited to shoot my first winter wedding on Dec 27th!! Now? Just pray for lots and lots of gorgeous, white snow!!

-Obviously, Christmas!!!! This will be our second Christmas as a married couple, and we're so so SO pumped about it. We now have our own traditions, and its exciting to look forward to them. Our #1? Bake brownies for breakfast before doing anything! Just like last year.

A New Years Eve Wedding! I keep forgetting that technically this is still part of December, because I categorize it as part of the "New Year", but on Dec 31st, my freshman college roommate, Angie, will be promising forever to the love of her life! We also get to hang out with them tomorrow, and I couldn't be more excited to spend some quality time with them!!

Okay and just a few fun "goals" for kicks-
-Build a Gingerbread house
-Convince myself eggnog is tasty (just kidding, that won't ever happen)
-Wear an ugly sweater
-Make a Christmas CD
-Take a trillion blurry light pictures
-Keep shooting more video. It's so fun!
-Play in the snow.
-Make s'mores at my grandparents in their fireplace.

What are some fun items on your list?


  1. So much fun!! The winter weddings sound so fun, praying for snow ;) I absolutely hate eggnog, too. I try a drink ever year and can hardly get it down lol. I thought maybe it would change as I got older...not happening, ha! I'm jealous of y'all's Christmas parties, the food sounds incredible!! Those black and white pictures are so cute!! Y'all always have so much fun :)

  2. my husband has an obsession with eggnog, he gets a 1/2 gallon every week and its gone in about 2 days.

  3. Oh my gosh, a winter wedding was always my dream when I was younger. I cannot wait to see the beautiful bride and your amazing photos! :)

  4. okay i am so proud of you for making your photography thing happen! such a brave thing! and company christmas parties are the best!

  5. You have so many awesome things coming up! How exciting! I've heard such awesome things about the Columbus Zoo and I've been wanting to go for years! I can't wait to see pictures and read your review. I'm also not a fan of eggnog. Sorry I'm not sorry.

  6. I recently got a beginner's DSLR camera and I can't wait to work on blurry light photos :-) They're so magical! Have fun with all of your December activities!!

  7. I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't enjoy eggnog. Seriously, who thought up such a yucky deberage?!

  8. Listen to as much Christmas music as possible and see lots of pretty lights!!

  9. i agree with you.. i think eggnog is gross. how fun to get married on NYE!? that'll be a blast!


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