Thursday, March 16, 2017

Confession session

I confess...

 ...that I cannot wait for This Is Us to come back in September. I keep hearing mixed reviews of the season finale. Some people loved it, some didn't at all. Personally, I loved it. It was just so honest! I think people just expected it to be more of a tear-jerker because that's how it ALWAYS is. I'm excited for season 2!

...I miss my mom. We were talking yesterday and she said she may extend her trip (she's a traveling nurse) in Maine through the summer! I'm happy for her, but I miss her and her goofy self.

...that Caleb and I have been watching a LOT of movies lately. We've been putting together movie nights w/ people from church/friends and there is always at least 10 of us going to see a cheap movie on Tuesday nights. We're trying to keep up with it once a month.
I miss summer. End of story.
...I'm sick of this cold weather. We had 70 degrees just days ago and now it's 18!? My throat is starting to feel sore. I'm ready for Spring!!

...that as much as I love Joanna Gaines, I found a necklace that was basically a glorified shoe string on their Magnolia Shop site for $48. Come on, guys!!

...I didn't wash my hair today. Whoops.

...that I suck at waking up early to work out. My friend and I have made a pact that begins next week to start working out BEFORE WORK again. Because lets be real, once you're at home and you see that glorious couch, it's too difficult to NOT flop on it for the rest of the night!

...that I have the best husband in the world. He's truly my happy place. I'm also feeling really thankful for the awesome family I married into.

...that we're in the home stretch of our debt payments. Only a few more months until financial freedom! That feels amazing to say!!

...our house is a mess the majority of the time, and by "mess" I just mean there is constant laundry to be done. I don't get how it never ends!?

...that I am SO READY for a vacation. Sandy beaches, warm weather, SUNSHINE! Ahhh!

Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday. We're almost to the weekend!


  1. I am 100000% over this cold weather, too! Woo hoo for being in the home stretch of paying off your debt payments!!!!! Lord willing, by the end of this year we will have paid off all of Matthew's student loans...and we are way too excited about it! I swear I can't keep up with our laundry and it's just the TWO of us...idk how mom's with multiple kids do seriously never ends lol.

  2. I'm going to have to go check out that necklace now...haha!! I was kinda "eh" about the finale. I loved the last scene so much....I agree with you-I think people were expecting more tears....but it was really good. I did miss Randall...ahhh!!! NC had the same type of thing going on...we had 70s even 80s a week or so ago and now it's 20s.....crying!!

  3. i still haven't watched this is us. i hate waiting for shows, but now that the season is over i might watch it.. or maybe i'll wait for the next season and binge it all at once haha. $48 for a shoe string?! yeah, okay... i am with you with this weather. so over it. i despise working out after work, if i don't get up in the morning it won't happen. home stretch of debt payments?! You go girl! that's awesome.

  4. I heard a rumor today that Joanna's stuff is supposedly now at Bed Bath & Beyond. So if you get a few of their coupons, their stuff might actually be affordable ;)

  5. I am so over the cold too. The warm days in February were such a tease, and now the 15 day forecast barely gets above freezing. I can't even look at it anymore! That's great about your mom's job, but bummer she is so far away!

  6. I'm so over the cold weather too... I want to take walks, open the windows, bbq, & sit outside for a tan. I feel like we got teased with that nice weather we had, here in the north!!

    I've only watched 1 episode from this time around of This is Us, I just can't seem to get into it for some reason.. maybe I should try again.

    Also, those sour patch kids package has me wanting candy now!!!

  7. I'm obsessed with This is Us!!! I liked the finale, but I didn't like how they faked us out by making it seem like we'd find out how Jack died. I REALLY didn't like how they implied it was drunk driving. Unnecessary! I don't want to wait until September! That show is SO good.

  8. Your freckles reminded me of something I saw on Facebook. People are getting freckles TATTOED ON THEM! What? Why? People are dumb.

  9. My Precious One! I miss you guys more than you could ever imagine. I really, truly, miss hanging out and being goofy with you! Omgosh we have so much fun!


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